November 2014

Social Issues

My Take on Mike Brown’s Injustice

In the recent trial of Darren Wilson killing Mike Brown, many people have asked me, why haven’t I written an article about the injustice of our young brother Mike Brown. So today I have decided to address my take on it to the public (you). The murder and injustice of…

Following Christ

Have You Counted The Cost of Following The Messiah?

There are over 2 billion people in the world today who profess to be followers of the messiah. Yet, when we look around at the conditions of the people today, it’s very rare that you actually see someone living as the Messiah or his disciples did. For instance, The Messiah…

Black History Our Israelite Roots

Undeniable Biblical Proof That Yahusha (Jesus) Is Black

All of our lives, we have been taught that Jesus was a blue eyed, blond haired, white man. This image of a white messiah appears in churches all across the Americas, especially in the black church. But as accepted as this image which has been presented to us may be…


My Journey in Truth

My journey in truth has been quite the transition, so like most people that I’ve known we’ve began our faith in Christianity. Some of my family members practiced the Islam belief, however my sisters and I were never accustomed to it. Growing up in our grandmother’s house we mainly went…