April 2016

Black History

The Village of Peace: The African Americans Who Reclaimed Their Hebrew Heritage

Earlier today, me and my wife watched a documentary, titled The Village of Peace. It was about the African Americans that left America during the late 1960’s to return back to our homeland of Israel. I had first heard about this story years ago when I first discovered that we…


Embracing Your Natural Beauty: A Message For My Sistas

Shalom my beautiful brown-skinned sistas!!! Today I wanted to take some time to let you know just how beautiful you are despite what image is portrayed as beauty to you. You don’t need all that contouring makeup, blonde weaves and cosmetic surgery to look and feel beautiful from the standards…

Bible Studies

The Truth About Matthew 5:44: Exposing The Christian Deception of Loving Your Enemies

I recently received an email from a subscriber that asked me for my advice on the topic of loving our enemies. The reader, who is a female, told me that she was basically going through hell on her job every day; being verbally persecuted by the Caucasians (white people) that…