A Wise Woman Builds Her House & Humbled By His Presence (Book Reviews)

Shalom my beautiful sistas!!! I wanted to encourage all of our women who are seeking their purpose (function) in life, according to the scriptures, to get A Wise Woman Builds Her House by Author, Huldah Dauid. This book is a necessity for those who wish to return back to our Hebraic culture. Huldah has taken the time out to compile word studies that are in relation to the function and/or role of a woman and has done the research to provide us with the Hebraic definition of each word.

Why are these word studies important? For those of you that were once in Christianity, you can attest to how blinded we were from reading our book (bible) from our oppressors’ mindset to, now, today being liberated to see how off track we were. Likewise, it’s now time that we, as women, also come out from the systematic mindset of this Western culture and return back to our own culture so that we can rid our homes of dysfunction along with preparing ourselves to be able to return to our TRUE home!

In addition to this book, I STRONGLY recommend you get Humbled By His Presence also by Author, Huldah Dauid. This book is a 21-day devotional that tackles many issues we may struggle with as women, whether it be prayer life and hearing from Abba Yah or dealing with the same issues over and over in your life, Huldah gives scriptural insight on how to address these. What I love about Huldah is her transparency. Reading this devotional definitely allows you to relate to her because she’s talking to us from experience!

If you are truly ready to experience change and allow the Word of Yah to transform your mind, life and household, you have to take these books very seriously! While Huldah provides us with valuable information, there is a requirement on our part! We have to put in work too! By that, I mean we need to make sure we’re reading the instructions from the author before proceeding.

Many of you can attest to jumping into building or making something without following directions and in turn having to start all over. I am speaking of myself at the moment lol. While I was doing a word study in A Wise Woman Builds, the Abba pressed in me to go back to Humbled By His Presence. Although I had read the devotional a year prior, I did not follow the instructions. So ladies, I encourage you to invest in a journal to accompany the devotional and to also use for your word study.

I have been truly blessed by these books so far and know that you will be too!

Yapha BatYah

Yapha is a wife, mother and editor. Outside of family and work, she loves uplifting women with biblical words of wisdom. Follow her on twitter for news updates.

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  • Izar Laim October 1, 2017, 2:37 am

    I would like to know where did the 1st Sunday communion ritual come from that church folks do every 1st Sunday of the month. Keep up the good work. I have learned a lot reading and researching your topics. Shalom