Shalom brothas and sistas! My name is Mauryahu and I’m an independent researcher and writer. By nature, I’m a student of the bible, black history, and self development; and this is my personal blog where I share what I’ve learned along the way. Welcome!

TruthOverTradition.com is my online effort to educate and empower my people (the so-called African-Americans) to be diligent seekers of the truth, rather then blind followers of traditions. Mostly, it’s a record of what I’ve discovered in my own search for truth — biblically, historically, spiritually — and what it takes to live a (inner) peaceful and (outer) productive life as a black man in America.

The reason why I’m so passionate about the “truth” as it relates to the bible and our history is because we as a people have been taught lies our entire lives about all of those subjects. Through America’s religions organizations, public school systems and higher learning institutions, we have been systematically brainwashed into thinking that we have no real history before slavery and that the bible has nothing to do with us (when in reality, the reverse is true). Using religion and education, these same forces have socialized us from a very young age to view the world from a European perspective and to see everything white as superior and anything black as inferior. Therefore, when we read the bible or history; we are unable to receive the truth of what is written because our minds have been programmed to believe otherwise. And because we’ve believed in and lived by these lies for generation after generation, we as a people are more mentally and spiritually misguided than we’ve ever been before.

When you take a look at the morals and values of Black America today, they have pretty much passed away. The things that our people are involved in today, they would have never took part in decades ago. The rise in homosexuality, transgenderism, interracial marriage, gay pastors/leaders, effeminized men, strippers, prostitutes, porno stars, single parent homes and abortions in the black community is not only disgusting but a testament to how far away that our hearts and minds have strayed from The Most High. However, although the lifestyles that our people are living is an abomination; I don’t put the blame on our people for going astray; I blame our so-called leaders for leading them astray.

Although we have local black churches on every corner in every hood in America today; rather then helping our people, the majority of them have exploited and abused our people. No longer are the days of the black church (1900-1980’s) where it was considered a refuge or resting place for our people. Now are the days where the black church (1990’s-present) is the biggest business in America; getting rich off the black community and doing nothing to help them overcome their situation. Even the local black activists, politicians and artists are using our people to get rich today.

Therefore, since everyone seems to be pimping black people out, many of our people have no local support or any black leader that they can turn to who actually cares for them and their well being. So I created this blog to be that guy and shed some light on some untaught biblical and historical truths that can help the masses of Black America — the portion of American society that is always misrepresented in mainstream media and who daily face the indifference and injustices of those in power — that are lost, struggling and trying to find some peace of mind as a sojourner here in the land of our enslavement.

In my personal journey for spiritual harmony, I have discovered  that the best way to attain a peace of mind as black man or women living in America is to learn the truth… the truth about who you are, where you come from, why you are here in America,  and how to be reconnected with the Creator of the universe. These truths are what have been hidden from us for the last few centuries — under the umbrellas of religion and the public school systems — and these truths are what I (along with others) will be revealing to you on this blog.

So if you’re an Afro-American (or apart of the African Diaspora) who is searching for answers as to who you are, why your life is the way it is… and you are tired of being lied to by your religious institutions and you just simply want the truth — this site is for you. I created TOT to empower you with truth that will set your mind free from the lies holding you back from being truly connected to The Most High.

DISCLAIMER: Although the majority of the content on this site comes from a biblical perspective, I do not subscribe to any of the man-made religions that use the bible, such as Christianity, Jehovah Witnesses, Judaism, or the Hebrew Israelite Camps. I believe in and live by the truth of the bible; not the traditions that religions have added to the bible. By truth, I mean the teachings of YAHUAH (Jehovah) and YAHUSHA (Jesus); which are established in the Torah. Therefore, my perspective on life comes from the torah; not religion.

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Shalom Alakhym,