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My Take On The Recent Murder of Our Brother Alton Sterling

In case you don’t watch the news, another one of our young brothers has been gunned down by the police. Early Tuesday morning of this week, Alton Sterling, a 37 year old black man and father of 5 was shot and murdered by the same people who have been killing us for 400 years – Europeans. Cell phone video of this shooting has gone viral and shows Alton on the ground being man-handled by two white officers before being shot multiple times in the chest. Here is video footage of this white cops taking our brother’s life below:

According to press reports, Alton was on the job selling CD’s to the locals of his community like he always does. Subsequently the police had been called after someone reported that a man dressed in red selling CDs had pointed a gun at someone. Alton, was wearing red, selling CD’s and allegedly had a gun on him, so the cops assumed Him to be the suspect. The witness to the shooting — the owner of the convenience store — said the cops seemed aggressive from the very start of them approaching Alton. The witness also said that Alton was complying with the officers and that he wasn’t holding the gun, nor did he have a hand near the gun when he was shot. However, one of the cops on the scene stated that Alton had reached for His gun and the other cop who shot and killed him stated that he was resisting arrest.

Basically, what we have here is just another clear cut case of a white cop murdering a black man and coming up with any kind of excuse to justify killing him. This is why they are now digging into the past of the man, so they can find something bad about him that they can present to the public, which will justify taking this black man’s life. The police and the media work hand in hand with each other to do this for all black people who get murdered, so that the public will view our deaths as being justified. But in the case of Alton, everyone who knows him is speaking up for him and attesting to his good character.

Quinyetta McMillon, the mother of Sterling’s 15-year-old son Cameron, urged the public not to judge him on His past jail record, saying he had paid his dues. “He is not what the mass media is making him out to be,” she said, adding that reporting of his criminal record was being used to “obscure the image of a man who simply tried to earn a living to take care of his children.”

Alton’s cousin Elliott Sterling, told The Washington Post that Sterling was well known in Baton Rouge for being a polished salesman. “He was really good at selling those CDs,” Elliott Sterling recalled. “He couldn’t make it in a regular job, but he could make it selling CDs. He could converse with everybody… and He lived day-to-day based on what he made.” Elliott said.

NBA player Glen Davis, a Baton Rouge native, told TMZ Sports he met “Big Alton” years ago and would sometimes give him CD’s to sell as a way to help Sterling make a living. CD’s were his way to make income to support his family” Davis told TMZ. “Great guy, big personality… and not a guy who would use violence at all.”

Mufleh Alatiyat, 25, who worked at the store he was shot near, told the Associated Press that Alton was generous, often giving away CDs or buying food or drinks for people. “He helped a lot of people,” he said.

And there are many other people from the community who knew Alton Sterling as well and they all attested to him being an honest, standup guy. So no matter what type of information the media presents to you about Alton in the upcoming weeks, just know that he was a man of great character and his community loved him. Yes, he had a past, but that past is not who He is today and that past had nothing to do with the white cops murdering him. They murdered Alton because he was a black man not because of something he did years ago.

What hurts me most about Alton’s death is that his girlfriend and children have to continue life without him. The black family unit has been under attack by our oppressors for decades – through the promotion of homosexuality, interracial marriages, planned parenthood, transgenderism, the new jim crow, etc. – and every time a black man gets murdered by the cops; another black family falls apart. During a news conference regarding the death of Alton Sterling, his oldest son breaks down in tears grieving his father’s death. Here is the video below:

In response to her son’s emotional outcry, Quinyetta McMillon states “As a mother, I am forced to raise a son who is going to remember what happened to his father. That I can’t take away from him,” McMillon said. “He is at an age of understanding. I hurt for him and his loss as a parent. One of the greatest fears is to see your child hurt and know there’s nothing you can do. ”

My heart goes out to the Alton’s children and their mother and I ask that you pray for their family during this time of grief. I normally don’t write articles related to the cops murdering our people because it happens too regularly for me to keep up with, and I don’t have any free time to gather the info and write about it. But I’ve been free all this week and was able to watch the video — which hurt my heart to the core — and get enough facts on the incident to write to you about it. So I hope this article has opened your eyes to the truth of who our brother Alton Sterling really was before the media proceeds to slander his name and present their case of “He’s black, so he deserves to die”.

Final Thoughts

Please do not expect for their to be any indictments made against the cop who murdered Alton Sterling. Nothing major is probably going to happen to the officer who killed him, just like nothing happened to all the other white cops who murder black people for a living. You must understand that there will never be justice for black people in America because America was founded upon our injustice. You cannot trust a country that was founded on the genocide and enslavement of our people and that has oppressed us for the last 400 continuous years, to give us justice. If they were going to change, they would have done it already. But as you can see, they haven’t.

In case you haven’t realized this yet, we are living in the land of our enemies. What I mean by that is America is not our home; it’s our punishment. We, the so-called black people living in America today are God’s chosen people — the descendents of the 12 tribes of Israel in the bible — and the reason we were brought here to America and oppressed for the last 400 years is because we are suffering from the generational curses of our ancestor’s disobedience towards God’s laws, as prophesied in scriptures. He scattered us from Israel to Africa and through out the Americas (and the 4 corners of the earth) to punish us for our sins, so that we will be humbled enough to repent and return back to Him and His laws. This is why we suffer so much injustice here in America, because The Most High is using America’s natural hate for us, to punish us.

For those who are not believers, this may sound crazy. But all you have to do is read Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 and then look at the history of our people in America and you will see clearly that we are the people of the book that are under those generational curses. This is why we are getting gunned down in the streets every day and nothing gets done about it because we are living in the land of those who hate us, as stated in Leviticus 26:17.

America was built on the premise of oppressing and murdering black people. They brought us here as slaves, made us work for free, raped our wives and children, beat the skin off our backs, and brainwashed our minds to think that white is superior and black is inferior. Then after the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed us from being legal slaves, America created laws that targeted blacks for petty crimes and sentenced them for maximum time in prison so they could work on the plantation for free as an inmate slave; which is still going on today. And for the last 100 years since legal slavery ended, we have been the victims of hundreds of thousands of cop killings, kidnappings and lynchings all under the authority of the American government.

So as I stated earlier, don’t expect any  justice for Alton Sterling. As tragic as his death is to us, it’s just another black men dead to them. There have been over hundreds of thousands of unarmed black males who have been shot and killed by white police officers in our short 400 plus years of living in America: Oscar Grant (22 years old), Sean Bell (23 years old), Kimani Gray (16 years old), Kendrec Mcdade (19 years old), Patrick Dorismond (26 years old), Timothy Russell (23 years old), Mike Brown (17 years old), Tamir Rice (12 years old) and Sandra Bland (28 years old) just to name a few of the recent ones. And just like the cop who murdered Alton Sterling, none of them ever got convicted of their crimes.

I say all of that to say this: there will never be justice for us in America because it is the land of our enemies. And we as a people need to stop trying to integrate into this society and do what the scripture says, which is come out of her (mystery Babylon AKA America, it’s culture, it’s customs, it’s religion, and it’s churches) so that we don’t partake in her sins (Revelation 18:4). The Most High is going to judge America for all the wrong they have done to his chosen people, and if you are in cohoots with America when our Messiah returns, then you will be judged as well.

America is not our home, it’s our punishment. We are just sojourners and slaves here until our messiah Yahusha (who the world calls Jesus) returns to save us from our oppressor’s dominion and restore us back to rulership over the world. Until then, we will always be subject to America’s injustices and mistreatment. However, what we can do in the meantime to combat this society’s treatment towards us is 1) Repent from our sins and return to the ways of The Most High so that our hearts are pure and we are ready when He makes away for us to enter back into our homeland. 2) Unplug from the system and unite with each other to form our own communities so that we can support and police each other instead of having the people who hate us, govern us. If we don’t do these 2 things, those that hate us will continue to kill us.

In closing, I love you all and I pray that this article was a blessing to you.


Maurice Lindsay

I'm a historian, journalist, and book reviewer dedicating to liberating the minds of my people from falsehoods. I'm also the author of the book series, Wake Up To Your True Identity.

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