12 Facts That Prove Black America is Still Enslaved to White America

One of the saddest realities that I’ve been faced with this year in my attempts to re-educate my people who are still caught up in the deception of Christianity, is the fact that the majority of us are still enslaved to white people. I say this because whenever I get the privilege of speaking with one of my brothas or sistas today — whether it be in person or online — I notice that our perspective on life almost always reflects the perspective of our oppressors. In other words, our goals, ideals, and values are almost identical to Europeans. Therefore, although we are no longer the physical property of those that rule over us as our ancestors were; our minds still belong to them. And this is one of the main reasons why we as a people have not been able to break free from the shackles of religion or overcome our condition of oppression because we think just like the system of people oppressing us.

However, this is not a mindset that we developed in recent years; this is a mindset that we developed overtime 300 years ago. During the era of physical slavery, our identity, language, culture, family traditions and faith was forcefully stripped away from most of our ancestors by their slavemasters; and replaced with the slavemaster’s language, culture, family traditions and faith. Therefore, since our way of life was stripped from us, the future generations had no choice but to accept their slavemasters way of life as theirs. The problem with the slavemasters way of life was that it was based on white supremacy, which is the concept that Europeans are superior to Africans and that anything white or light is beautiful and anything dark or brown was ugly.

After many generations of being taught that we were inferior beings, we grew to hate ourselves and developed a deep burning desire to be like white people. Therefore, we happily learned how to speak the English language, began proudly worshiping a white Jesus as God, grew to love the celebrations and traditions, and did all that we could to be integrated into white society. As a result, overtime our ancestors lost all knowledge of self and basically became Negropeans; black in skin-color, but European in mindset. And although we are now almost 200 years removed from slavery, the majority of black people living in America today are unfortunately, still Europeans at heart.

The reason why this is such a sad reality for me — besides the fact that this is completely unnatural and keeps us divided — is because the majority of our people are totally unaware that they think like white people. We as a people are so unattached from our true self that we think it’s completely normal to practice a European culture without having a culture of our own. As a result, we have no idea that we are participating in the same culture that is helping to oppress us and therefore have no idea as to why we remain oppressed.

In hopes of helping us wake up from this slumber, I want to show you how we as a people think today is just like the way our ancestors thought when they were physically enslaved. After reading over the 12 facts below, you will clearly be able to see that black people are no doubt still enslaved to white people; and it is this mindset that contributes to our oppression.

1. Our Last Names Still Belong to them

During slavery, our ancestors names were forcefully taken from them and replaced with new european names. Then the slavemaster gave all of his slaves his last name, so that everyone would know they were his property for the rest of the slaves life. These names were then passed down from generation to generation, which is why the majority of us still have european last names today.

However, today we are free. We don’t have to carry the first or last names of our oppressors. Yet, the vast majority of Black America still has a european last name. Some of us even have european first names; which makes us 100% european. Therefore, the fact that we have been free for about 150 years now, yet still willingly carry the names of our oppressors tell me that we prefer to identify as being Europeans than Africans (Hebrews).

In fact, most black people I know are proud of their european names. They cherish it with high esteem, as if it were a gift from God. And when you mention to them that you have dropped your slavemaster’s name for a name that matches your Hebrew or African culture, they shun you as if you committed a crime. Therefore, since we are the only group of non-European people in America who have European last names, and have no desire to liberate ourselves from our slavemaster, this proves that we are indeed still enslaved to white people.

Cassius Clay is a name that white people gave to my slave master. Now that I am free, that I don’t belong anymore to anyone, that I’m not a slave anymore, I gave back their white name, and I chose a beautiful African one. – Muhammad Ali

2. Our Education is Still Provided by them

During slavery, our ancestors were forbidden to read or write. It was against the law and if they were caught doing so, they would be severely beaten or imprisoned. Therefore, since they couldn’t read or speak English, they had to be taught everything by their oppressors. This gave the slavemasters and overseers the opportunity to brainwash the slaves with made-up lies about who they were and where they were from, because they were unable to read it for themselves. This was how the mis-education of black people began.

However, today we are free. We don’t have to be educated by our oppressors anymore; we can educate ourselves. But for some odd reason, the vast majority of black America would prefer to send their children to white schools taught by white teachers rather than schools ran by black folks or even homeschooling them themselves. Our minds are so messed up, we think that the same people who are oppressing us, will give us a better education than we can give ourselves.

What we fail to realize is that a nation that rises to power from your oppression will never give you an education that will liberate you from your oppression. This is why America’s schools don’t teach us about our true history, language, or culture because it would enable us to become the righteous warriors who God created us to be, which would give us the education we need to free ourselves from oppression – and they ain’t having that. The goal of America’s school system in relation to black people is to train us how to go get a job and work for white people the rest of our lives. This is why the majority of black adults are working for white people today, because they have been trained to do so.

Nevertheless, we still happily send our children off to the white schools because our warped minds perceive them to be the good schools. Then, after our children are mis-educated for the first 17-18 years of their life, we persuade them to go to european colleges to be mis-educated for another 4-8 years. Instead of sending them to trade schools so they can learn a skill that will help feed their families, or even an HBCU, which our ancestors built for us, we desire for them to go to colleges white people built for their people. Then, after they graduate from college and come back home with all of these fancy white pieces of paper called degrees, and they think, talk and act so European that they can’t even relate to black people anymore; we wonder what happened to them?

After over 100 years of mis-education from our oppressors, the fact that we still prefer to be taught by Europeans rather than us, proves that we are indeed still enslaved to white people.

Only a fool would allow his enemy to educate his children. – Malcolm X

3. Our Preferred Language is Still theirs

When our ancestors first arrived to the Americas as slaves, their native tongue was Abrary (Hebrew). Some of them also spoke various forms of African tribal languages, according to the region they were shipped from, but the majority spoke Abrary (Hebrew). However, once our ancestors were sold off to the plantation, the slavemasters and their overseers forbade them (through brutal force) to speak our native language as a way to keep them from communicating secrets with each other. Therefore, they taught them the English language instead, so that it would be the only language that future generations would know; which is why most of us can only speak English today.

However, we are no longer enslaved and now have the opportunity to learn any language that we desire. But instead of seeking to learn our past tribal language such as Abrary, we seek to learn the languages of more Europeans. For instance, what is the most common second language that we as a people know today? Spanish or French. Out of all the languages in the world, we seek to learn languages that have nothing to do with our historic origin. Then, when people come along trying to teach us about our Hebraic roots and language, we shun them ask them what’s the importance of learning an ancient language? Yet, turn right around and jump over backwards to learn someone else’s language.

The fact that we have the opportunity to learn our native language but choose to learn other European languages instead, proves that we are indeed still enslaved to white people.

Language is culture. Language is the DNA of communication within a community… and…The communication within a culture shows the state of the culture. – Jonnelle Israel

4. Our Family Celebrations are Still the Same as theirs

When our ancestors first arrived to the shores of America, they brought with them their family customs and celebrations which had been passed down from generation from generation for centuries. However, once they were sold off to a plantation, they were stripped of their family customs and celebrations and forced partake in the those of their slavemasters. These celebrations included the European holidays: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, the 4th of July, and Sunday.

During the physical slavery era, the master’s holidays and family celebrations were highly esteemed by the slaves because they were the only days they were given off from their free labor. Since most of the slave owners were Christians, Sunday was considered a day of rest from work,as opposed to the biblical rest day Saturday (Sabbath). On this day, the slaves were allowed to just kick back and chill all day, drink alcohol, do drugs or whatever, as long as they went to church that morning. Some masters even allowed their slaves to leave the plantation. So the slaves look forward to Sunday, because it was the only day of the week they could taste freedom.

Following the Christian theme, the slaves were also given off from work on the pagan holidays, Christmas and Easter. The slaves loved these holidays because they were often celebrated for multiple days in a row, which gave the slaves a longer taste of freedom. Christmas was the favorite holiday for slaves because it extended into the new year and most slave owners would allow their slaves (the obedient slaves) to visit their family members at other plantations. Outside of the religious days, the slaves also enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving and the 4th of July; as these were days they would get off from work as well. And for hundreds of years, our ancestors grew to take great pleasure in celebrating their slavemasters holidays because they were only days they were allowed freedom.

Fast forward to today, we are free to celebrate any holiday or family celebration that we desire, yet the same holidays that our ancestors were forced to celebrate, we still celebrate willingly. Although Christmas is forbidden in the bible, Easter is a European replacement for Passover, the 4th of July is a celebration of Englands Independence from the British with the help of blacks who were still enslaved and Thanksgiving was the celebration of Europeans murdering and conquering the land of the indigenous Black Native Americans of this country in which many black people also descended from, we still joyously look forward to celebrating our oppressors holidays every single year. And with great pleasure too! We as a people have more pride and honor in European holidays than they do.

The irony of this is that when someone comes on the scene trying to share with our people that we don’t have to celebrate European holidays, that we have our own celebrations such as the Sabbath, Passover, Shavuot, Yom Teruah, Sukkot, etc… we catch a fit and become angry with them as if they asked us to commit a sin. After all, how dare someone suggest that we practice our own culture and instead our oppressors culture? LOL! And because we still love and adore the family traditions of our oppressors that prove we are indeed still enslaved to white people.

To control a people you must first control what they think about themselves and how they regard their history and culture. And when your conqueror makes you ashamed of your culture and your history, he needs no prison walls and no chains to hold you. – Dr. John Henrik Clarke

5. Our concept of God is Still the Same as theirs

When our ancestors were shipped here to America, they were immediately indoctrinated with the religion of Christianity and the European’s concept of who God is. Fresh upon their arrival to the slave ports on the coast of Africa in the 15th and 16th centuries, the European slave traders had Christian missionaries lined up waiting to meet with them, ready to indoctrinate our ancestors with teachings about their Pagan Roman Catholic Religion (Christianity) and their concept of God being a white European man named Jesus. The Europeans believed in the pagan trinity doctrine, that Jesus was God, the son of God, and the Holy Spirit all in one. Therefore, by forcing images of a white God upon black slaves, it subconsciously made them associate whiteness with superiority and blackness with inferiority. And this mentality was passed down from generation to generation, which is why most of us still view white people as being superior to us today because we think that God is white.

However, the difference between our ancestors and us today is that we have access to public information about what color the biblical Messiah really was. There is tons of historical and scientific research available to us today that undoubtedly prove Yahusha (Jesus) was black. Yet, if you visit the average black church or black christian home today, you will still see white images of Jesus hanging on their wall. And if you try to tell them that He was black, they hit you with the “color doesn’t matter” foolishness. We love white people so much that we will fight for a lie rather than accepting the truth.

The irony of this is that we are the only people in America who feel this way. Every other racial group in America worships a God that looks like them. From the Chinese to the East Indians, the God they worship looks like them. However, when it comes to black people, our God looks like the people who have been oppressing us the last 400 years. And the fact that we prefer to worship the God of our oppressors rather than seeking to discover the God of our forefathers, which is YAHUAH, proves that we are still enslaved to white people.

How can you then define yourself, the very true essence of yourself and the very essence of your soul and organize the very nature of your life here on earth based on a God handed to us by our slave master and say that you have no slave consciousness. – Dr. Amos Wilson

6. Our Pastors are Still controlled by them

After our ancestors were indoctrinated with the religion of Christianity during slavery, many of the white masters would choose black slaves to be preachers in their churches. The masters knew their slaves didn’t trust them, so having a black face with them would deceive the slaves into accepting their message of oppression more easily. According to Dr. Rick Wallace,”Whatever the slavemaster wanted the slaves to think or believe was first given to the Black pastor, and then it was passed on through a sermon and the declaration that it was God’s will.” Therefore, the slavemaster was able to control his slaves through the black pastor. And if we fast forward to today, nothing has quite changed.

For instance, most black pastors today had to go to a seminary school and earn a degree in theology ( or be ordain by someone who did) in order to be hired as pastor over their church. The problem with this is that over 95% of all seminary schools in America were founded by Europeans and uphold european ideals. Therefore, any black pastor who attended a seminary school was trained to read and teach the bible from a european perspective. This is why most black pastors today still teach us to uphold european concepts, doctrines, and values (although the bible was written by African Israeltes) because that’s what they have been trained to believe. As a result, the slavemaster is still able to control us, by controlling our pastors.

Another way that our oppressors still control our pastors is through government funding. Most people don’t know this but the average church (at least 90%) in America is a 501C3. In case you are not familiar with what a 501-C3 is; it’s an incorporated religious organization that belongs to the state, receives free government grants, and is exempted from paying taxes. In other words, the government controls the church by funding it. The catch here is that since the church is under the control of the government, the pastor of it cannot speak out against any law that the government passes, such as gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, satanism in schools, or their church could risk losing its tax exempt status, be fined, or shut down completely. This is why many pastors today don’t speak out against sins anymore as they did in the past, because they want to save face with the government.

There are many other ways in which our modern day pastors are controlled by our oppressors, but I think by now you get the point. The sad part about this is that this does not have to be the case. We are no longer in slavery and therefore our pastors no longer have to be chosen or controlled by our oppressors. Nor do they have to go to their schools and be taught by them. The Most High has been raising up true pastors to teach us the truth of the bible and the truth of His ways in every generation since slavery ended. However, for some odd reason our people still prefer to be taught by those chosen by the slavemaster, than those chosen by YAH. Therefore, we are indeed still enslaved to white people.

The influence of the Black pastor became so powerful that even after slavery ended, the white men and women who held positions of power still used the pastor to control the black masses. – Dr. Rick Wallace

7. Our Musicians Still Perform for them

When our ancestors were shipped here to the Americas, they brought with them their musical genius of singing, dancing and playing instruments such as the banjo and the drums. After being stripped of their humanity and national identity, music became one of the only forms of self-expression that the slaves had. Since slaves were forbidden to speak their native languages, they had to learn to sing songs in English (Ebonics) in order to express themselves to one another. Often while working in the fields or during their rare down-time, they would sing spiritual songs to either get them get them through the “Hell on Earth” they were living in or to relay a hidden message of “escaping” to fellow slaves on the plantation. These songs were called Negro Spirituals which later became known as Gospel Hymns.

However, when the slavemasters and overseers discovered that certain negro spirituals had hidden messages in them and were empowering the slaves to think independently, they banned those songs from being used. Likewise with the banjos and the drums. So in place of the drums, the slaves substituted hand clapping and tapping their feet to the beat to reproduce the complex rhythms of African drumming. Nonetheless, the music that came from slaves sounded like melodies from heaven and helped to soothe the soul of the slaves. And although white folks tried to tone down the culture within the slaves musical expressions, they loved to watch and listen to their music.

During the slavery era, black musicians were the musicians of choice for the white folk’s parties, events, and holiday celebrations because they were recognized by whites as the best musicians in their towns. Since there was such a demand from Europeans to be entertained by black folks, many slavemasters would allow their slave musicians to sing for others in exchange for money, in which the slave would receive a small cut. Therefore, slave musicians were granted the freedom to travel for performance purposes and were looked as idols by their fellow slaves, much like today. However, since the audience of the slaves was white, they didn’t want to hear black music, they wanted to hear white music. Therefore, the slaves were forced to learn how to sing european songs and play european musical instruments in order to make money.

If we fast forward to today, we can see that our people are still making music for white folks. Think about it. Out of all the top black musicians we have today, hardly any of them make music that is for black people. The top black musicians today, whether they be rappers or singers, make pop music. And pop music is not for us; it’s for the dominant society, which is white folks. Yet, this is the music that our musicians are making now because they desire to please white folks, not us. And the musicians that do make music for us, have such degrading and demeaning lyrics that it has programmed us to view each other as enemies rather than our oppressor.

The reason this has happened is because the majority of record labels, music execs, and radio stations today are owned by white folks. Even the black owned record labels and radio stations are indirectly owned by white folks. Therefore, they are the ones who decide for us what music is hot and what music is not. So most black musicians that are signed to a record label today has to conform their music to the desires of white folks or their music wont get put out. The music industry is just a modern day form of slavery. The artist are the slaves, the record label owners are the slavemaster, and the record label employees are the overseers. Black artists, The Dream, Lauryn Hill, and Prince, all said the same.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. We are not in slavery anymore where Massa has the power to force us to sing and dance for him and make music that will sound good to everybody. White people don’t have to be in control over our music, we can control it ourselves. We created almost every genre of music and are hands down the best musicians in the world. Therefore, we should have our own record labels and music distribution outlets that are strictly owned by us and us only. So, the fact that our musicians still see the need to go to the white man or the house negro (the black music exec who works for the white man) and beg him for a record deal and the fact that most of our musicians still make pop music instead of music that relates to us, proves that we are still enslaved to white people.

An artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned is to reflect the times. – Nina Simone

8. Our Athletes are Still chosen by them

After the slave trade took off and the white folks started becoming rich from our ancestors free labor, the slavemasters from different plantations would often enjoy spending their free time gambling and betting money on slaves. Much like today, Europeans admired the great athleticism of blacks and loved to watch them perform. So the slavemasters from various plantations would choose the best slaves from each plantation to participate in the sports of their skills in exchange for money. Among the sports that slaves participated in during slavery were boxing, baseball, soccer and bird fighting. Each time the slave won a game or a match, his master would pay him a small fee of his cut. He was still a slave, but he was a paid slave. And because he had money and the white man’s approval, the rest of the plantation envied him as a celebrity.

After slavery ended, white folks had begun to form their own sporting leagues and forbade black folks from playing with them. So, many of our ancestors began to form their own teams or leagues. In baseball, we had the Negro Leagues. In basketball, we had the New York Renaissance and the Harlem Globetrotters teams. In Canada, we had the Coloured Hockey League. And so on and so on. But after the whites began to see how good the blacks were doing in their own leagues, they decided to began allowing them to integrate into their leagues so they could make money off them. And since blacks loved the white man so much, many of the best black players left their leagues to go play with whites. As a result, all of the black leagues and teams went out of business and the white leagues became rich off of black talent.

Fast forward to today, the same thing is going on. Our men and women are the best athletes in the world, bringing in billions of dollars a year to white owned corporations they play for, but only receive a fraction of their owner’s wealth. We are the talent, we are the ones that people come to see, we are the ones that generate billions of dollars, but we are the ones who make the least amount of money. This is no different from slavery, we just get paid more. In fact, the way that professional teams draft players to a team is similar to the way slave traders auctioned slaves off to a plantation. And the way that players are traded from team to team is similar to the way the slaves were sold from plantation to plantation. Not to mention that most of the owners of sports teams today are descendants of slavemasters. Therefore, black athletes today are nothing more than rich slaves, bought and sold for millions.

However, it does not have to be like this. Our oppressors do not have to choose our athletes or tell us who is good enough to play pro and who is not. We, as a people, have been in position for at least the past 30 years to choose our own athletes and create our own sports leagues. With all of the talent that we have and all of the money that our athletes make today, they could easily form their own leagues and play by our own rules. We could have a black owned league for every sport, available for all to watch, but financed by us. This way, we would could control ourselves instead of being controlled by our oppressors. Therefore, the fact that we still allow our oppressors to be in control of our talent and our athletes instead of us, proves that we are indeed still enslaved to white people.

You can’t have football, without slaves. – John Adams

9. Our Men are Still Fighting in the Military for them

During the days of slavery, there were many wars fought between Europeans representing Great Britain and the Europeans representing America, in which both sides sought the help of black slaves in order to win their battles. From the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) to the War of 1812 all the way to the American Civil War (1861-1865), both sides recruited black slaves to joined their armies and help them win the war. However, the British were the only ones who promised the slaves freedom in their territories, therefore the majority of the slaves fought for the British. As a result, the slaves who fought for Great Britain or the Union and survived, did indeed gain their freedom, but the slaves that fought for America or the Confederacy, remained slaves. Nonetheless, in all the wars during slavery, the oppressor always needed the help of the oppressed in order to win their battles. And thousands of slaves died in these wars fighting for white folks.

After slavery ended, America still sought to recruit the help of black folks to fight for them in their wars, such as: World War 1 (19141918), World War 2 (19391945), The Korean War (1950 – 1953) and the Vietnam War (1955 – 1975). However, in 1940 the government created the Military draft in which they could legally draft anyone they desired to join the military and fight for them in wars. Although this law applied to all people, it was specifically targeted to black folks because they were at the bottom of the economic totem pole, as we are today. To avoid fighting in the wars, many black folks intentionally failed aptitude tests or fled to Canada for freedom. Or some simply refused and faced going to jail like the great Muhammad Ali. But the majority of black folks simply went along with the program and fought for the country that enslaved them. As a result, hundreds of thousands of black people were murdered during these wars fighting for white folks who hated them.

The Military draft ended in 1970, but many black people still chose to willingly sign up to join our oppressors military. And if we fast forward to today, we can see that nothing has changed. Every single year, thousands of black men (and women) are willingly signing up to risk their lives for the same country that enslaved them for over 300 years and continuously oppressed us to this day. And anytime a war breaks out, thousands of black men are murdered fighting in battle for white folks. In fact, I have a few childhood friends of mine who fought for America in their war against Afghanistan in 2009, and died on the front line. They lost their life fighting for the country that wont even fight for them in their own backyard.

But why do our men (and women) do this? Why do we join the military for the country that brought our ancestors over here on ships and oppressed us for 400 years? Sure, they give us benefits like free housing and jobs as a reward for joining their team, but it doesn’t change the fact that the government who runs the military is still systematically oppressing us and is largely responsible for the destruction of the black family. Therefore, our participation in fighting for the government, is actually participating in helping them oppress us. The military is just another form of slavery like everything else. And the fact that there are so many proud black people in the military today, proves that we are indeed still enslaved to white folks.

Who is the descendant of the slavemasters to tell the descendant of slaves to fight other people in their own country? – Muhammad Ali

10. Our well-being is Still Dependent on them

During slavery, our ancestors were under the complete rulership and provision of their masters. Since most slaves were not allowed to work and earn their own money, they were forced to depend on their masters for food, shelter, and clothing. For housing, most masters provided their slaves with very small shacks and cabins; which were considered for peasants during that time. For food, slaves were fed the scraps and leftovers from their masters table; which often included pork guts such as chitlins, pig feet, and hog mog. For clothing, slaves were given the scraps that their masters found for them; which were so worn out that they would only last weeks at a time before tearing. Although the slaves received the worse of everything, they were still provided for, which prevented many slaves from trying to attempt to escape the plantation, since they had no money or way to provide for themselves without their master.

However, after slavery ended many of our people left Massa and began migrating to different parts of America to do for themselves. From the 1900’s-1960’s, there were thousands of successful blacked owned businesses and organizations established. We had our own restaurants, grocery stores, farms, doctors offices, buses, cab companies, hotels, clothing stores, newspapers, radio stations, schools, churches, banks etc. Although we were still poor as a whole, we were able to provide for ourselves and make ends meet without going to our oppressors for help because we had our own establishments. But after the Civil Rights Act was passed in the mid 1960’s, and we became integrated into white society, all of the black businesses, schools and organizations that we once had slowly began dying out because black folks started abandoned black establishments to support white establishments. As a result, all of the progress we were making towards self-dependence went out the window and we became fully dependent on our oppressors again; just like in slavery.

Fast forward to today, we can see that we as a people (for the most part) still have to depend on the same system of people that oppress us, for everything that we need. From the houses or apartment buildings that we live in and the food we eat to the banks we store money at and the retail stores we shop at, almost every place that we go, to get what we need is provided by the descendants of the slavemaster or from immigrants (whose ancestors directly or indirectly benefited from us being enslaved). This is why we remain at the bottom of the economic totem pole because we are dependent on others to take care of us. And if they ever decided to pull the plug on black folks and stop providing for us, then we would perish.

But once again, it doesn’t have to be like this. Just like our ancestors started black owned businesses after slavery, so can we today. With a trillion dollars of spending power, there is no reason why black America should be depending on White America or any other race for our well being. Yet, whenever someone comes on the scene trying to inform us about being self-sufficient and starting black owned businesses and practicing group economics so that we can be independent like the other races… black folks either look at you like you crazy or agree but respond with no action. Therefore, the fact that we can do for ourselves but prefer to depend on our oppressors to do for us, proves that we are indeed still enslaved to white folks.

Blacks will never be free as long as we  are dependent upon white institutions for resources. – Leon Modeste

11. Our Perspective of what’s Beautiful is still Defined by them

During slavery, the common perspectives among slavemasters and Europeans, in general, during this time period were 1) God is white and having black skin was a curse from God and 2) black people were 3/5ths of a human being that came from apes and jungle animals and 3) having straight or course hair was beautiful and having kinky or curly hair was ugly. These racist ideologies were programmed into the minds of slaves for hundreds of years day in and day out through religion, education, media and politics. As a result of so much inferior programming, the majority of slaves grew to hate themselves internally and began desiring to be and look more like white people; especially the female slaves.

However, although slavemasters felt that blacks were inferior to them, they loved the beauty of black women and would often rape them just to experience black beauty. Slavemasters would lust for black women so much that he often chose a black female slave to be the house negro (maid) that took care of the masters family, so that she could be his secret mistress. As a result, many black women wound up getting pregnant and having their slavemasters baby; producing numerous mix-raced children (called mulattos back then) around America. Since the mixed children were closer in complexion to whites, they were not considered ugly and were allowed certain privileges and perks that regular slaves (field negros) weren’t. Naturally, this colorism caused division among the slaves with some longing to have lighter skin so they could be considered beautiful as well. It also led to some of the light-skinned slaves believing they were better than their darker brothers and sisters.

After slavery ended, the damage had been done and the concept of dark skinned being ugly and light-skinned being beautiful still remained heavily embedded into the minds of black folks. To add insult to injury, White America then instituted something called the Brown Paper Bag Test, which decided whether or not a black person could have certain privileges based on their skin tone. If a person’s skin tone matched or was lighter than a brown paper bag, they were awarded certain privileges in white society, but those that were dark-skinned did not. This caused black folks to hate each other even more, which resulted in both men and women seeking to swirl, rather than to stick with their own. Consequently, more and more mixed raced children were born; which is why so many of us today are lighter than our ancestors were because their is some european mixture somewhere in our lineage (myself included).

If we fast forward to today, we can see that we still think that having light skinned and straight hair is beautiful and having dark skin with kinky or curly hair is ugly. The evidence of this is clearly seen in the way that so many black women today wear their hair in weaves, put a perm in it, or die in blonde as opposed to wearing it natural because they feel more beautiful looking European than looking African (Hebrew). The same with our men… the reason why so many black men are dating white women today instead of black women is because they feel that pale skin and straight hair looks better than dark skin and kinky hair. On both sides, our concept of what is beautiful today is still defined by European standards. Therefore, we are still enslaved to white people.

 No matter her hair texture, length, color or style, please, in some way, tell a little black girl that she is beautiful today. And every day. – Dr. Yaba Blay

12. Our Desire is Still to be Accepted by them

During the era of physical slavery in this country, the only way that a slave could lighten their oppression (without escaping the plantation) was to somehow gain the acceptance and approval of his master. However, in order to do that they would have to appeal to the masters likes by conforming themselves to his image (character and perspective). This meant that they had to tone down their natural strong presence and demeanor (including our hair, voice tone, and mannerisms) and act like white people in order for their masters to accept them. Such was the case with pastors, musicians, athletes, entertainers, house maids and cooks. They all had to act white in order for white folks to accept them and give them the privilege of serving or performing for them. This behavior was called shuckin and jivin, a term given to slaves who went above and beyond to please white folks.

After slavery ended, shuckin and jiving continued on and became almost a necessity for any black person trying to work in or perform in white society. And if we take a close look, we will see the same behavior still exists within the majority of Black America today.

For instance, most black people who work in Corporate America (or any other white-owned establishment) have to tone down their natural demeanor (voice tone, hair, and wardrobe) in order keep their job. This means they can’t speak Ebonics, they can’t dress Hebrew or African, and they can’t wear their hair in braids, dreadlocks, afros. This is why most black men in Corporate America have very low cuts or cut their hair bald and most black women in Corporate America have perms or wear weaves and wigs; because being black is not accepted. In fact, being black in corporate America can get you fired, as there have been numerous cases where black women have lost their jobs for their hairstyles. Therefore, many black women and men just conform their image to Europeans so they can keep their jobs.

Another example of how us black folks still shuck and jive for white folks today can be seen in how we speak when white folks are around in comparison to how we speak when our people are around. For instance, have you ever been in a conversation with one of our people but then their phone goes off and they answer it, and their voice tone immediately turns into a white person? I have witnessed this behavior my entire life from my own family members, where we can be just chillin talking like how we do, but when the phone rings and it seems like someone important is calling, they transform into a white person lol. This behavior also happens in public as well. Have you ever been to the store and saw a black cashier speak with a white person with such enthusiasm and respect and then when you pull to the register, they barely have two words to say to you? I see this all the time, when I’m out; where my own people won’t even speak to me but will almost break their necks in order to please white folks.

What was once used a defense mechanism for survival for our ancestors during slavery has now become an unconscious internal belief system for us today. Therefore, we are still enslaved to white people!

We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind. – Marcus Garvey

Final Thoughts

The purpose of this article was not to attack or make fun of us for being mentally enslaved to white people, but to awaken us to the fact that we are. As I stated at the beginning of this article, most Black Americans have no idea that we think like Europeans. Since we have all been socialized since birth to uphold European ideologies and values, we grow up carrying the same mindset of our oppressors without even knowing it. So I wrote the 12 examples above just to show us that we think like Europeans; in hopes that it will inspire us to began letting these european ideals go.

If you found yourself nodding your head in agreement as you read through the examples above, then my encouragement to you is to reject all of Eurocentric values and traditions that society imposes on us, and began the process of renewing your mind with truth. And by truth, I mean the truth about our identity, history, culture, and faith — the ones that we practiced before our ancestors were enslaved and brought here to America — which will explain to us how and why we ended up in our current predicament in the first place. This “truth” can be found in the Torah, which are the first 5 books of the bible. Began the process of renewing your mind with the Torah (in it’s original Hebrew language) so that you can become who The Most High created you to be instead of who our oppressors have trained you to be.

We can’t change what has happened to us or who did it to us, but we can change what we do for ourselves and our children moving forward. And I, myself, am doing all I can to rid my brain from Europeanisms so that I can fulfill my purpose on Earth without any mental blocks holding me back. Hopefully, you will join me and do the same!

Do not be conformed to the ways of this present world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, so that you may prove what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of YAHUAH. – Sha’ul

Mauryahu Katab

I'm a historian, journalist, and book reviewer dedicated to liberating the minds of my people from falsehoods. I'm also the author of the book series, Wake Up To Your True Identity.

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