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Here are some books that I have written to help you on your journey for truth and personal growth.

Wake Up To Your True Identity: Revealing The Biblical Nationality of The So-Called African Americans

From Babylon to TimbuktuWake Up To Your True Identity is a biblical journey that reveals to us — the so called African Americans — our history, our heritage, our purpose, and most importantly our identity. If you’ve ever wondered why we are the most oppressed and unfairly treated people in the Americas, then this book will explain why. It also entails God’s ultimate plan of salvation for us that will deliver us from the land of our captivity and place us back in rulership in the New Jerusalem.

Paperback | Ebook

Wake Up To Your True Identity (Vol. 2): 144 Proverbs For People of The African Diaspora

From Babylon to TimbuktuVolume 2 of Wake Up To Your True Identity is a collection of life-changing proverbs and commentaries, written specifically for black people around the world who were born outside of Africa. Unlike the first book, which taught us about our history and heritage; this book teaches us how to develop our character and spirit. This book will empower you with the knowledge and understanding you need to live a peaceful, productive, and purpose-driven life for The Most High.

Paperback | Ebook

Wake Up To Your True Identity (Vol. 3): A Guided Personal Development Journal For Young Black Men

From Babylon to TimbuktuVolume 3 of Wake Up To Your True Identity is a journal designed to help young black men (between 15-30) explore and discover who they are. Each page of the journal asks the reader a simple but specific question that will prompt him to dig deep down into his soul for the answer. The questions are written as if the reader is asking himself the question and challenges him to evaluate his character and beliefs; so that He can grow into the man He was created to be. This book is a great tool for parents to give to their sons.

Hardback | Paperback

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