Black History

Black History

Undeniable Historical Proof That Black Americans Are The Biblical Israelites

Each year during black history month, we as a people are presented with tons of water-downed information on our history from schools, organizations, lecturers and social media commentators. The majority of the history that we are taught is watered down regurgitated info about slavery, Jim Crow, Civil Rights movement, Dr…

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12 Facts That Prove Black America is Still Enslaved to White America

One of the saddest realities that I’ve been faced with this year in my attempts to re-educate my people who are still caught up in the deception of Christianity, is the fact that the majority of us are still enslaved to white people. I say this because whenever I get…

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Black America, You Have Been Deceived:10 Reasons Why Black People Should Not Vote

One of the most harmful things integration into American society has done to Black America is deceive us all into believing that the government has the same interest in us as they do for White America and other races. Prior to integration in the 1960’s, the majority of Black America…

Black History

The Village of Peace: The African Americans Who Reclaimed Their Hebrew Heritage

Earlier today, me and my wife watched a documentary, titled The Village of Peace. It was about the African Americans that left America during the late 1960’s to return back to our homeland of Israel. I had first heard about this story years ago when I first discovered that we…

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Why Every Black Person In America Should Read “The Autobiography of Malcolm X”

In light of black history month, which is all year around for me, I’ve decided to do a review of one of the best books I have ever read in my life. For the last 6 months, I have been reading the autobiography of Malcolm X and I just finished…

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The Untold Hebrew History of Why Black People Speak Ebonics

A few weeks ago, I came across a video on YouTube titled, “Father of 21 Children By 14 Women Gives Interview in Ebonics”, that inspired me to answer the question of Why Do Black People Speak Ebonics? The video was a recording of a black man having an interview with…

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Why Black People Hate Black People

Me and my mother were having a conversation the other day about “black unity” and she expressed to me how it makes her sick at how much we as a people hate each other and how she doesn’t know why we treat each other so hateful. As an activist for…

Black History

5 Black Leaders Called By God To Free His People From White Supremacy

It is no secret that this country, the so-called United States of America, was founded upon White Supremacy. Ever since the Spaniards invaded this land during the 14th century and stole it away from the indigenous Blacks and Indians through deceit and much bloodshed — white supremacy has been the…

Black History Our Israelite Roots

Undeniable Biblical Proof That Yahusha (Jesus) Is Black

All of our lives, we have been taught that Jesus was a blue eyed, blond haired, white man. This image of a white messiah appears in churches all across the Americas, especially in the black church. But as accepted as this image which has been presented to us may be…