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Book Reviews

A Wise Woman Builds Her House & Humbled By His Presence (Book Reviews)

Shalom my beautiful sistas!!! I wanted to encourage all of our women who are seeking their purpose (function) in life, according to the scriptures, to get A Wise Woman Builds Her House by Author, Huldah Dauid. This book is a necessity for those who wish to return back to our…

Book Reviews

Hidden In Plain Sight: The Revelation of the Son’s of Yah (Book Review)

In this of digital age that we’re living in, there are a plethora of books available on the subject of blacks in America being the true descendants of the biblical Israelites. Whether it’s approached from a religious perspective or historical perspective, we’ve got quite a selection to turn to. But…

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Little Judah in America (Book Review)

Little Judah in America is a children’s book that explains and embraces our biblical Hebrew heritage. The story is told by a little boy named Judah, who spends his Shabbat sharing the history of how we as a people ended up in America. Little Judah also shares what we can…

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