Undeniable Historical Proof That Black Americans Are The Biblical Israelites

Each year during black history month, we as a people are presented with tons of water-downed information on our history from schools, organizations, lecturers and social media commentators. The majority of the history that we are taught is watered down regurgitated info about slavery, Jim Crow, Civil Rights movement, Dr. King, Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglas, Malcolm X, and maybe a few others. But we are almost never presented with historical information about who we were culturally before we came here, why our African tribes were specifically chosen to be enslaved and shipped off to the Americas as opposed to the other African tribes, or where did the Black Native Americans that were enslaved come from prior to America.

And the reason we are purposely not taught these subjects is because the answers to these questions will reveal our true identity as the biblical Israelites and the powers that be (Roman Catholic Church, The British Empire, The Commonwealth, The UN, America, The Jews, The Muslim Elite, the royal families of the world, and black folks who sold out) do not want us to discover who we are. Why? Because they all participated in the slave trade of our ancestors, which is how they became so rich and they have maintained their riches, by us, since slavery by keeping us clueless as to who we are. Therefore, since they own almost everything; they have made a collective effort to hide and omit who we are from all public documents. As a result, neither we nor the general society knows who we are or what our cultural origin is.

However, in the digital age that we are living in, the secret of our true identity has been slowly making its way to the masses over the last decade or so and hundreds of thousands of people are now beginning to believe that the black people in the Americas just may be the true descendants of the biblical Israelites. To prevent the masses from accepting this truth, the powers that be have planted people of influence to present false information to counter and prove blacks being the true biblical Israelites as false. As a result, this has led to both my people and the general society to become confused and become unsure about whether Black Americans are the descendants of biblical Israelites or not.

So I would like to write a brief but detailed essay on this subject so that we as a people can have FREE scholarly resource that shows and proves that we as a people are true Hebrews of the bible. The best way for me to present this information is to start from the very beginning of our history and lead up to our arrival here to the Americas. So, journey with me as I go through history and prove without a shadow of a doubt that Black Americans are indeed the descendants of the biblical Israelites.

The Location of Israel

One the first evidences of black people being the true biblical Israelites is the location of Israel itself. In case you have never traveled to Israel or are unaware of its geographical location, the nation of Israel is located in Northeast Africa. It is to the right of Egypt and is on the same tectonic plate as Egypt; therefore making it apart of the Continent of Africa. 1

However, today many people will tell you that Israel is located in the Middle East; but that is not historically true. The term “Middle East” is a made up word invented by Europeans 2 after the British began colonizing that region in the late 1800’s. 3 Prior to the 1800’s, Israel and some of the other countries that make up the modern Middle East were all considered North Africa. It wasn’t until 1869, after the invention of the Suez Canal — an artificial sea-level waterway that separates Egypt from Israel — that Israel was considered separate from Africa. 4 And this was done on purpose by the powers that be so that future generations would not associate Israel with Africa because the entire world knows that Africa is where black people come from.

However, Africa is not only where black people come from, Africa is the birthplace of humanity; the first humans being black. The first evidence of this is in the bible. For instance, the first geographical location mentioned in the bible is Ethiopia; which is located in northeast Africa. And the Garden of Eden, where YAH placed Adam and Eve at, is described as being located near Ethiopia (Genesis 2:13). This is also proven by modern scientists, who have concluded that Ethiopia is the location of the birthplace of the first humans. 5 So both the bible and science agrees that Ethiopia is the location of the Garden of Eden and that the original inhabitants were black; just like the ingenious people living their today. Therefore, since Adam and Eve were black, then all of their children were black as well; including the Israelites.

In ancient times, the Israelites were noted as being black people like all the other nations around them. In the scriptures alone, the Hebrews were always being mistaken for looking like the Egyptians. We see this in the case of Joseph and how his brothers didn’t recognize him among the Egyptians because he was black just like them. We see this again in the case of Moses being able to blend in among the Egyptians and become the Pahroah’s son because he was black just like them (Exodus 2:1-10). We also see this in the case of Moses’ sister Miriam, whose skin was cursed to white by YAH (Numbers 12:10) because she went against Moses for marrying an Ethiopian woman (Numbers 12:1). We continue to see cases like this in the New Testament as well, such as the cases of Yahusha being taking to Egpyt to hide from King Herod because He was black like the Egyptians (Matthew 2:13); and Paul being mistaken for being an Egyptian because of his black skin (Acts 21:38).

Some critics might ask, well how do we know that the ancient Egyptians were black? Well, first of all, we know this because the all of ancient artwork and images on the walls and tombs of Egypt are of dark-skinned black people. Second of all, we know this because the ancient Egypt was called Khemet, which meant “Black Land”. 6 and was known as the “Black Land”. Thirdly, we know this because the ancient Greek historians identified them as being black people. The ancient Greek Historian, Herodutus, once visited Egypt and wrote concerning their appearance: “They have burnt skin, flat noses, thick lips, and wooly hair”. 7

Therefore, if the Israelites were mistaken for Egyptians, then the Israelites were indeed black people. Now that we know that Israel is located in Eastern Africa and that the original Israelites who dwelt there were black, lets go into the bible and history and see how they ended up in other parts of Africa.

From Israel to Africa

There were 5 major waves of Israelite migrations into Africa after they became a nation.

The first wave of Israelites to enter into Africa occurred around 700 BC by some of the 10 lost tribes from the Northern Kingdom of Israel. After YAH divorced the Northern Kingdom from being His people (Jeremiah 3:8) for worshiping other gods and allowed them to be enslaved by the Assyrians in 722 BC (2 Kings 18:11-12); many of those tribes chose to leave the land of their slavemasters so they could return back to worshiping YAH again (2 Esdras 13:40-45). They migrated from the lands of the Assyrians and crossed over the Euphrates River into Africa. 8  Aria Nasi Research, Essay.] Most of these tribes entered into Africa through Egypt and eventually settled on the Eastern and Southern regions of Africa. Later in history, these tribes became known as the Bantu peoples. 9 And the majority of those Bantus tribes still reside in Africa today; such as the Lemba, Falasha, Hutu, Tutsi, Makua, etc.

The 2nd wave of Israelites into Africa happened between 600 BC and 500 BC when tribes from the Southern Kingdom (the Jews) began migrated into Egypt. After the Jews were released from slavery by the Babylonians in 586 BC to go back to Jerusalem, many of the Jews left and fled into Egypt to hide from the Chaldeans who were persecutinh them (2 Kings 25:25-26, Jeremiah 43). While in Egypt, the Jews settled on the Nile River on Elephantine Island and built a thriving Hebrew community. 10 There, they kept the torah; which are the laws and commandments of Yah, and even built a temple to worship in Him that resembled the previous one in Israel. However, the Elephantine temple was eventually destroyed by Egyptian rebels in 410 BC. 11 After that, the tribes migrated elsewhere.

The 3rd wave of Israelites into Africa happened between 300 BC and 1 AD when the Greeks began transporting their Hebrew slaves (Jews) and subjects to Egypt. In 332 BC, after Alexander The Great conquered the land of Egypt, he began placing a large number of Jews living in Greece in Alexandria, Egypt. 12 His governor of Egypt, Ptolemy, also began transporting Jews to Egypt. According to the famous Jewish Historian Josephus, Ptolemy led some 120,000 Jewish captives to Egypt from the areas of Judea, Jerusalem, Samaria, and Mount Gerizim.13 These Jews living in Egypt under the rulership of the Greeks translated the Old Testament scrolls into Greek, which became known as the Septuagint. 14

The 4th and largest wave of Israelites into Africa occurred in 70 AD as a result of Roman persecution. In the year 66 AD, the Jews became tired of being subject to the rulership of the Romans and went to war against the Roman armies, which lasted about 4 years. 15 Horrific tragedies happened to both parties, but the Jews suffered most, ending in the murders of over 100,000 soldiers. 16 Then in 70 A.D., General Pompey and the Roman army made their way to Jerusalem and destroyed the temple and the city. 17 As a result of the Roman’s siege of Jerusalem, over one million Jews were murdered 18 and another 95,000 were taken as captives to Caesarea, Europe. 19 The remaining Jews (and other Israelite tribes) fled into the countries of Africa and Arabia to escape from persecution and enslavement. 20 According to Josephus, there were “millions of Jews that fled into Africa” during the Roman’s siege of Jerusalem. 21

The 5th wave of Israelites into Africa occurred between 1492 and 1500 AD when the Black Jews living in Spain and Portugal began migrating to North and West Africa after being banned from these countries. In 1492, after Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand had conquered the land of Spain, they issued out a public decree that all Jews must leave the country of Spain or convert to Christianity. 22 Then in 1496, Queen Isabella persuaded King Manoel of Portugal to expell the Jews living there as well. During this period, the Jews were heavily persecuted and forced to become Christians or leave the country. As a result, over 100,000 Jews were scattered across the Mediterranean coasts; with most of them migrating to Northern and Western Africa. 23

As we can see from the history above, there were many Israelites living in Africa in both BC and AD eras. Some of them were from the ancient Northern Kingdom of Israel (the lost tribes) and some of them were from the ancient southern Kingdom of Judah (the Jews). So now that we know how the Israelites ended up living in various parts of Africa, let’s see how certain tribes of them were enslaved and shipped to the Americas.

From Africa to America

In the bible, it was proclaimed that the tribes of Judah would be scattered to the 4 corners of the Earth; meaning away from the motherland of Africa/Israel (Isaiah 11:12). Therefore, I will focus this portion of my research solely on the tribes of Judah – the biblical Jews – that were sent to the Americas.

The Jews migration into Africa started in the northeast. The Jews that had fled Jerusalem in 70 AD migrated to Africa through Egypt and Ethiopia. According to the Jewish philosopher, Philo, who lived in Alexandria, Egypt during the 1st century, over one million Jews resided in Libya and Egypt from the Catabathmos to the borders of Ethiopia. 24 In other words, the Jews covered the entire east coast of Africa. Because of this, many Europeans such as the Romans believed that the Jews were Ethiopians, because they all looked alike. 25 However, as time passed, the Jews began to migrate across the Sahara Desert towards the western parts of Africa 26 that were less inhabited so they could retain their Hebrew roots and establish their own kingdoms.

After settling in West Africa, the Black Jews went on to build many different kingdoms and empires throughout the region, including: the Ghana Empire (300-1240AD), the Mali Empire (1230-1670 AD), and the Songhai Empire (1375-1591 AD). 27 All of these Empires were established by Israelites from the tribes of Judah and consisted of over 22 different Kings and Queens. 28 However, by the year 1000 AD, after the religion of Islam had begun to spread rampantly to these regions; many of the Judite Kings began to convert to Islam and therefore so did their empires. As a result, the latter 2 empires became historically known as Muslim Empires rather than Hebrew Empires. 29

Although these Empires were established by Jews, the residents and citizens of these empires consisted of Hammites and Ishmaelites as well as Israelites from the Northern Kingdom. So there were many different tribal groups living within these Empires. But it was the tribes of Judah (the Jews) who dominated and excelled the most. However, by the Middle Ages, the descendants of Judah no longer called themselves Yahudah or Yahudy, which are the ancient Hebrew names for Judah. Instead, they called themselves by their sub-tribal names that they had formed wherever they settled. These tribes included: the Ashanti 30, Eve (Ewe) 31, Aja, and Akan tribes of Ghana, Togo, Benin and the Ivory Coast; the Chamba, Luba, and Kongo tribes of Cameroon, Congo, and Central African regions; the Mbundu, Ambundu, and Ovimbundu tribes of Angola 32; the Wolof 33 and Senegambian tribes of Senegal and Gambia; the Igbo 34 and certain Yoruba tribes of southwest and southeast Nigeria.

Due to the large success of these Jews in Africa, they became a target to European Christians who sought for ways to colonize their Kingdoms and exploit their labors. According to George Francis Dow, in his work Slave Ships and Slaving, “It was the Moors [Muslims] who told the Portuguese of black-skinned people [Jews] living in great numbers to the south of the desert — a race cursed of God and predestined as slaves.” 35 Mr. Dow’s statement informs us that it was the Muslims who told the Portuguese that there were a specific group of black people living in West Africa that were predestined to be slaves. Why did the Muslims make this statement? Because they were descendants of Ishmael and Esau and very aware of the biblical prophesies proclaiming the Israelites would go into slavery because of their continued disobedience of His universal laws (Deuteronomy 28:15-68). This is why the Muslims had been enslaving and transporting the Jews onto ships throughout the Eastern World since the 7th century 36 because they knew the prophesies concerning the Jews.

As a result, in the 1400’s the Portuguese began establishing trade routes throughout Western Africa so they could get rich from the slave trade like the Muslims were doing in North and East Africa. It’s interesting to note that the regions of Africa where the Portuguese established colonies and trading posts at were the same exact regions where the Jews lived. For instance, in the Western Sudan region of West Africa where all of the Jews lived, the Porteguese labeled this region as Negroland 37and Guniea,38 both meaning: Land of The Blacks. More interesting than that is the fact that old Portuguese maps of this region during the 1700’s had the labels Kingdom of Juda written on the area where the slaves were sold at. 39 Juda represents the Hebrew tribe of Judah, which are the biblical Jews. This proves the fact that the Portuguese knew that the West Africans were the biblical Jews and that is the reason they captured and enslaved them as opposed to the other African tribes around them.

Judah in Africa Map

Beginning in the mid 1400’s, the Portuguese shipped hundreds of Hebrew slaves that they purchased from African slave holders to Lagos, Portugal. 40 Then after the Portuguese established colonies in the Western World in South America, they began shipping their slaves there. From 1501 t0 the late 1800’s, an estimated 4.9 million slaves from Africa were brought to Brazil. 41 The Portuguese participated in the slave trade for over three hundred years and became very rich from doing so. Right alongside the Portuguese slave traders, were their neighbors; the Spaniards. As early as the early 1500s, The Spanish colonized the West Indies 42 and Central America 43 and began enslaving and shipping the natives there to Africa and replacing them with slaves (the Jews) from West Africa. Just like the Portuguese, the Spanish also transported and imported slaves for over 300 years.

The British, French, and Dutch all followed in the footsteps of Spain and Portgual and began enslaving Hebrews in West Africa as well. The British were the most successful of them all; establishing slave colonies in the West Indies and North America. 44 Between 1553 and 1660 numerous charters were granted to British merchants to establish settlements on the West Coast of Africa to supply goods such as ivory, gold, pepper, dyewood and indigo in trade of Hebrew slaves. 45 The British participation in the slave trade lasted about three hundred years 46 and they supplied the bulk of the slaves that were transported to North America.

Each of the West African tribes that I mentioned a few paragraphs above were shipped to the West Indies and the Americas. 47 And according to 20th century Historian Dr.Allen Godbey, these slaves that were transported on ships from West Africa to the Americas, were Jews. 48 So now that we have proven how the Hebrews ended up in the Americas, lets go into history and see if we can find any traces of their Hebrew identity being carried to the Americas.

Hebrews in The Americas

When the Hebrews arrived to the Americas as slaves, they still spoke their original Hebrew language, had Hebrew customs, and had Hebrew names. It wasn’t until after they were forced to convert to Catholicism (Christianity), which is a whitewashed version of the Hebrew Scriptures, that their Hebrew roots began to depart from them. But even then, there were always certain traits and aspects about the slaves that confirmed they were Hebrews. So let’s go over a few of those traits below.

One of the main signs that the slaves were Hebrews was their names. It’s historically documented that the slaves had Hebrew names. According to SlaveVoyages.org, many of the slaves had names that included the 3-letter word “Yah” in them such as: Ahkayah, Enyah, Hanyah, Benyah, etc. 49 For those who don’t know, YAH or YAHUAH is the name of The Most High (God). So this is significant because the ancient Hebrews also had names with Yah in them such as: YarmaYahu (Jerimiah), YashaYahu (Isaiah), (Obediah) and MatitYahu (Matthew). Therefore, the fact that over 1800 years after being removed from the land of Israel, that the people of West Africa still had Hebrew names, proves that they were no doubt Hebrews.

Another major sign that the slaves were Hebrews is evident by the language they spoke and wrote in. Although it’s not common knowledge, many of the slaves spoke Hebrew and wrote in Hebrew. For instance, the first African Baptist church located in Savannah, Georgia was founded and built by former Hebrew slaves and inside of the pews located in the balcony, were all types of markings written on them in Hebrew, that only slaves could comprehend. 50 The reason for this is because this church was apart of the Underground Railroad and underneath the auditorium floor was used as a route to help slaves escape to freedom. The Hebrew pictographs written on the pews were messages intended for the slaves to help them attain freedom. This again proves that the slaves were indeed Hebrews.

More evidence of the slaves being Hebrews is evident in the songs they sang. The slaves were a very spiritual people and the slaves in the church would create all types of beautiful hymns that would give The Most High praise as well as provide clues to their Hebrew heritage. These songs were called Negro Spirituals by the Europeans. Some of the most popular Negro Spirituals that the slaves would sing was: Go Down Moses, We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder, Wade in The Water, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Roll Jordan Roll, Way Over in Beulah Land, and Kumbaya. Each of these songs correlated the struggled of the Hebrews in the bible with the struggle of black people in the Americas as they pleaded to The Most High to give them relief from their slavery and oppression. For instance, the latter song Kumbaya (Kum By Yah) in modern English literally means Come By Yah, and was created by the Gullah people of the sea costs of South Carolina before and after slavery. 51 Therefore, the fact that these slaves still sung songs that carried the Hebrew name of the Creator, proves that they were indeed Hebrews.

Another major piece of evidence of the slaves being Hebrews was by their oral history. Although many of the slaves lost knowledge of who they were overtime, some of them still carried with them the oral history of their ancestors. For instance, William S. Crowdy, a former slave who went on to found the first black Hebrew church in America, was taught by his parents as a youth that he was from the former Ngdon Empire of West Africa 52, which is where some of the Hebrew slaves were shipped to America from. Harriet Tubman, former slave and one of the greatest freedom fighters of American history, was taught as a youth of Hebrew history and being from the Ashanti tribe of West Africa. 53 Elder Shadrock, a descendant of former slaves in South America who went on to found the Israelite Nation Worldwide Ministries in Toronto, Canada, was taught as a youth by his grandfather that they were Hebrews of the bible and descendants of the Congo people in West Africa. 54 And the list goes on and on.

And perhaps the biggest piece of evidence of the slaves being Hebrews is what the slave traders called them. During the slave trade, whenever slaves were being shipped to the Americas, the Europeans would place advertisements in local newspapers and publications to inform the public so that buyers would come out to the auction blocks when they arrived. In many of the earlier publications, the slaves were called Heeboes.


Heeboes was just a European corruption of the word Ibo, which means Ibri, a more ancient word for the English word Hebrew. In other words, the slaves owners were marketing to the public, that they had Hebrew slaves coming to the auction blocks. They called the slaves sent to America were called Heeboes 55 and slaves sent to the West Indies were called Eboes. 56 However, in later publications, they changed the term heeboe and eboes to Negro to hide the identity of who they really were.

The igbo tribe of Nigeria was the first tribe from West Africa to be identified by Europeans as Heeboes and Eboes. 57 And according to various scholars, it is estimated that at least 25-60% of all black Americans are from descendants of igbo slaves. 58  The majority of the igbo people endded up in Jamaica, Haiti, Georgia, South Carolina, Virgina, and Maryland. The most prominent black americans of igbo descent today include: Bishop TD Jakes, Ice Cube, Kobe Bryant, Vivica A Foxx, Nia Long, Whitney Houston, Blare Underwood, Missy Elliot, Queen latifah, and Forest Whitaker, just to name a few. 59

However, not all of us descend from the igbo tribe. According to my research, the rest of us descend from either of the following tribal groups: 1) the other West Africa tribes 1 mentioned earlier in this article such as the Ashanti and Ewe or 2) the tribes of Judah that migrated to south African such as the Makua 60 and Malagasy tribes 61 of ancient Zanjiland that was shipped to the Americas 62 or 3) the Mandingo tribes of the Mail Empire that came to the Americas and the Islands hundreds of years before Columbus 63 and intermixed with the native american tribes. 64 There may also be more tribes that I failed mention. But regardless of which African or native tribe we came from, we are all Hebrews and are descendants from the ancient tribes from House of Judah: Levi, Benjamin, and Judah!

This is why we dominate in sports, music, entertainment, and inventions and why the entire world tries to either copy or steal what we do. This is why we are such a beautiful people coming in many different shades of brown and why the entire world tries to look like or be with us. This is why we continually face oppression and continually overcome it and why the powers that be will stop at nothing to destroy us. It is because we are Hebrews, whom Yahusha called the salt of the earth and the light of the world (Matthew 5:13–16). And once we realize this and return back to the ways of our heavenly Father and stop following the ways of our oppressors system; we will be restored back to the greatness from which we came.


Based on the historical evidence presented above, it its an established fact that black people in the Americas and the Caribbean islands are descendants of the biblical Israelites and are from the tribes of Judah. Our ancestors were born in Ancient Israel and they later migrated to West and Central Africa to escape persecution from their various slaveries. And our arrival to the Americas and the islands on ships is a fulfillment of biblical prophesies (Deuteronomy 28:15-68, Joel 3:3-6). And each of the european nations that were involved in the slave trade had ties with the Roman Catholic Church, the Jewish, and the Muslims; whom all have had a perpetual hatred for Yah’s people and sought to destroy us.

There is so much more information and evidence available that i could have provided that would have proved even further that we are the people of the book and just how deep the rabbit hole goes in regards to the level our oppressors have gone to hide who we are; but for the sake of reading time, i had to condensed this info as much as possible. But I hope this essay/article was a blessing to you and that it will be used as a resource for my people who are believers, teachers and students that are seeking authentic historical information on Black America for black history month; or any other month. So feel free to print this article out and use it for reference as needed.

Never forget who you are! All praises and honor go The Most High YAH. Shalom!


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