Little Judah in America (Book Review)

Little Judah in America is a children’s book that explains and embraces our biblical Hebrew heritage.

The story is told by a little boy named Judah, who spends his Shabbat sharing the history of how we as a people ended up in America. Little Judah also shares what we can do to return to the path that our ancestors forsook so that we can return to our land. In one setting, Little Judah shows us how to “come out of her” and live set-apart for YAH no matter what!

Three of our daughters read the book and really enjoyed it! They could relate to little Judah in returning back to our heritage to follow after the ways of The Most High. I even quizzed them after reading the book together and it made for a great little game to see who could get the most points based on review questions I asked them.

I highly recommend this book for families as it is an excellent learning tool for those new to this walk. It is also beneficial for young children who feel like they are losing out by having to give up the things of this world. They will quickly learn from Little Judah that there is much gain in YAH and that they are not the only young person in this faith.

Little Judah in America was written by Huldah Dauid, who is the founder of Her Royal Roots, a torah-based women’s ministry for Hebrew Women. This book was wonderfully illustrated by Jasmine C. Davis; who is the Author and Illustrator of Anna’s Ice Cream Hebrew Edition. Here is a direct link to Little Judah in America.

Yapha BatYah

Yapha is a wife, mother and editor. Outside of family and work, she loves uplifting women with biblical words of wisdom. Follow her on twitter for news updates.

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  • Steven Mozer March 29, 2017, 12:16 pm

    Just found this information , checking it out , I’m a Hebrew,proiduct of the north American slave trade.