My Journey in Truth

My journey in truth has been quite the transition, so like most people that I’ve known we’ve began our faith in Christianity. Some of my family members practiced the Islam belief, however my sisters and I were never accustomed to it. Growing up in our grandmother’s house we mainly went to Pentecostal churches and occasionally Baptist. I was never a real church girl even when I was younger I would find myself sleeping through some of the services. It wasn’t something that I found much interest in until my teenage years.

I was seventeen years old when my grandmother decided to become a member of a new Pentecostal church called “Chestnut Street Community Church” in Linden, NJ. Just like with any other environment it took some adjusting, but as the months went by I grew fond of the atmosphere. I started to even formulate bonds with other young ladies there, I even joined the praise and worship team while I was there. That was one of my favorite (and still is) things to do before the Father, to dance just like David did. Despite all of this I still felt like something was missing…

As I contemplated my own self progression and growth I came to the conclusion that I had no real knowledge of the Scriptures or even who my Creator was at that. It’s not that I never read my bible before I just wasn’t accustom to reading it that much at the same time so it wasn’t entirely dusty. However, out of a seven day week I would have picked it up once maybe twice out of it. There were even times when I wouldn’t have for weeks. I can say it was this was because how tainted I was its unfortunate but it is what it is.

I would just find myself in a weekly repetitive cycle of going to dance practice on the third day and service on the first. For the remaining days I would just do what I want. Would I say I was this way because of grace? Not at all. That never even came to mind I just lacked substance and a solid foundation with my heavenly Father. One time I remember reading Revelations, the description of the 144,000 that are sealed with the Name of Yahuah, and the 12,000 saints from all the twelve tribes of Israel. Come to think of it I recall reading the word “Israel” a lot, but I never knew who they were and the ones at my church never had a sermon about them.

On one of my social networks I followed a few people without knowing who they truly were with that name, and many of them were these so called blacks. I got curious enough to wonder who my people were and where they originated from. I knew that I had family in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or even Delaware but never where they came from further from that. Then one day in 2013 someone messaged me via twitter mentioning the prophecies in Deuteronomy and that we were (or are) the ones that it is describing. I was hesitant at first so I’ve done some research on it, after some time it began to make sense to me. During one night I did some praying and I asked the Father if what I was being told was true. Tuning into His voice wasn’t so easy back then but I felt a sense of surety that this was what I needed to know.

I was both excited and unsure at the same time, so I did more meditating on it. I still received the same feeling that I was a Hebrew and my people were the ones spoken in the bible. I did some more analyzing about the Tribe of Yahudah (Judah) and who they were then I finally realized that this was my divine heritage. I was so happy to finally find the answer that I searching for!

Few weeks after my awakening I began connecting with more Hebrews, I stopped attending the church that I was going to, and began studying the Torah. I recall having a dream about it and I distinctly heard the words “Torah is eternal.” So I knew that was a confirmation that I had to get more serious with my studies. In all honesty I learned more about my Father, my people, the Scriptures, and the world around me in the nine months in truth than I ever had in all the years of being a Christian. I’m not saying that you can’t do the same in that faith but if you don’t have a solid foundation then it will dwindle.

Upon waking up to my divine heritage there were some things that I came to realization of. One was the Name of the Father that it wasn’t G-d or the L-rd. Those were just mere titles and pagan ones at that. Another was the Name of His Son and the image of Him as well. The pictures that many see in the church are paintings of a man named Cesare Borgia and that it was inaccurate to what the Scriptures depict Him to be. It’s something about finding out the truth and realizing that what you’ve originally been told isn’t genuine that causes you to be mad. Well at least I know I was.

Being fresh in the truth of self-knowledge acquired me to have guidance. Although I had the Scriptures and praying to The Most High, I wanted to find other kindred followers. So I began seeking truth from a camp named “Israel United in Christ.” They are well known in New York but they have other bases through the United States. I can say that they helped edify me in areas that I was lacking in, making me a member of their classes and teachings for a few months.

I noticed that some individuals changed their birth names to Hebrew ones, I felt that it was something required so I changed mine to “Emunah” meaning faith. That was my moniker simply because having faith is vital to have in this walk as well as coming to the Father. Believing, trusting in Him and what He will do. About six months into my advancement I felt that I had enough I needed to let go of camp teachings and find more of the truth that has been left out on my own. I changed my name back to my birth first and middle name meaning peace and faith. I realized I didn’t have to do what everyone else was doing what I needed was entitled to me all along.

If I had to compare my development with anything it would be like a tree. The more my foundation in the Word deepened, the more I began to flourish bountifully. Not to mention that all this was in a matter of months I was surprised and humbled by my growth. I personally dislike labels but in the early stages of my life I would have been called a late bloomer. That wasn’t the case in this point in time, my curiosity and wanting to learn more was given to me by The Most High. The more I let go of lies, deceit, of illusion from the ways of this world the more my eyes began to open. I longed for knowledge, I longed for wisdom, I longed for understanding, and it has been inclined to me.

About three months after my “awakening” I searched for someone to minister my immersion. I was told that it had to be done by the Set apart Name and not the ones that I was previously told. After diligently searching through my connections I finally found the person that was able to do it for me. I traveled to Virginia accompanied with my brother in faith and the experience was amazing. When we reached our destination I instantly felt the love from my fellow kindred, knowing that I was around other believers made it an enjoyable visit. My day of my immersion was after Passover and it took place at the James River. I can’t really explain the feeling in the atmosphere but everything felt light in a sense. Like that was the right time for me. The ceremony didn’t last that long but before I stepped foot into the water I told myself that whatever I’ve done before, any regrets, or mistakes that I made I would leave it right in that water. I went down and came back up a new creation for the Father and His Kingdom. HalleluYAH!

Coming back to New Jersey wasn’t all progression I can say, there were even moments where I found myself stumbling. Despite all of that I look back and see that my life has never been progression. I had to get roughed up by the Father to then realize my potential. I had to let close people leave out of my life to grow. I had to lose everything to gain something more in return. Yah said that He would never leave us nor forsake us it took some comprehending but now I know what He meant. If I have ever failed in anything in life this walk is something that I don’t want to be a failure in. I want to live out the plan that He has in store for me. I want to bring others to Him those still suffering from the illusions of this world. Only The Most High can turn an ugly beginning into a beautiful story; He has done it for me and many others I know He can do it for you.

The moral of this story is that I began my life sheltered within the confines of the church. I went about not knowing who my Father was and how beautiful, majestic, and amazing He was (is and forever will be). Also, not knowing who I was historically was the main factor. This walk isn’t easy you will be challenged many times to deny self or even bring certain things to naught, but the promises will be worth it. So I ask you who do your people come from? Do they fit the prophecies stated in the Word? Are you one of the sleeping children of Jacob? Seek Yahuah the divine Name of the Creator; He will reveal all of these things and more unto you. I pray that my story helps those struggling in the areas that I did. Shalom.

Delight yourself in Yahuah, and He will give you the desires of your heart. – Tehillim (Psalms) 37:4

Naimah is a humble, torah-observant women of Yah that loves to model, dance, read and write. You can follow her on twitter for weekly updates.

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