Every student of truth needs great resources. Here are my top recommendations for books, documentaries, ecourses, bibles and study tools. Enjoy!


Wake Up To Your True Identity: Revealing The Biblical Nationality of The So-Called African Americans — Written by yours truly, this book takes you down a biblical journey that revealing our history, our heritage, our purpose, and most importantly our identity. If you’ve ever wondered why we are the most oppressed and unfairly treated people in the Americas, then this book will explain why. It also entails God’s ultimate plan of salvation for us that will deliver us from the land of our captivity and place us back in rulership in the New Jerusalem.

From Babylon to Timbuktu: A History of the Ancient Black Races Including the Black Hebrews — this is by far one of the greatest books ever written on black history. Backed by tons of facts from ancient scholars and manuscripts, Dr. Windsor uncovers the truth about both where ingeniousness black people come from and where we, the so-called African Americans migrated from. He also traces the many kingdoms black people started all over the world before the Europeans rose to power in the 15th century.

Before The Covenants: Tracing Abraham The Hebrew To The Temple At Ezi Kanabo — Written by native igbo of Nigeria West Africa, Eugene C. Akannam proves through oral history, linguistics, tribal practices, and the scriptures that Abraham’s lineage originated in igboland of Nigeria; the same place most black Americans were shipped from during the slave trade thousands of years later. In this book, Eugene also shares the history of the hebrew people and proves emphatically that the igbos and their descendants are indeed the people of the book.

The Ancient Black Hebrews Vol II: The Forensic Proof Simply Explained — the first book ever written to prove through science that we are the people of the bible. Using forensic anthropology, renown historian shows and proves that the biblical Hebrews were of African/black ancestry; the ancestors to those that were shipped to the Americas and elsewhere. This book ends the discussion of who are the true Hebrews.


Hebrew or The So-Called Negro — the first documentary ever produced that reveals to the public how we as a people went from being Hebrews to Negroes. Produced by the late Yahya Bandele, this DVD presents hardcore facts and visual images that proves undoubtedly that we are the people of the book. Although there have been many documentaries in recent years that reveal this same information; this is the one that woke me up years ago and I recommend it to all.

Northeast Africa: The Hidden Truth — Filmed by historian and videoagrapher Stephen Grahman, this documentary proves the location of Ancient Israel as being in Northeast Africa. The footage is taken directly from the holy land and features interviews of tribe leaders whose ancestors lived their before the arrival of Europeans and other races. The artifacts and evidence presented in this documentary is incredible.

The Village of Peace — excellent documentary about a group of African Americans that left America during the late 1960’s to return back to our homeland of Israel. It showcases the call from God to leave America, their journey to the holy land, and their progress since they’ve been there. Want more info? I’ve done an extensive review of this film, that you can read here.

Whited Out: Erased From HistoryWhited Out is hands down one of the best documentaries ever produced on the subject of the black indigenous people of the planet and how they have been purposely whited out. This DVD explores the white lies in history as White Europeans have attempted to change the face of the past by erasing and changing names of places and people; from Adam to Yahusha (Jesus). This DVD also reveals the truth about the so-called Jews and how they have the entire world fooled into believing that they are the true people of the Bible.

E-Courses & Guides:

Ancient Hebrew Alphabet — a short PDF guide that features the 22 letter Hebrew alphabet in pictograph form. It also provides the meanings of each symbol as well as the modern letters used for the ancient symbols. You can download it for free.

Hebrew Days & Months — a short PDF guide on the days of the week and months of the year according to the Hebrew language and perspective. It provides you with the Hebrew number, the Hebrew name and the Hebrew symbol for each day and month. You can download it for free.

Hebrew Reading 101 — An online class that teaches us our forgotten Hebrew language. Taught by professional educator T’helah, the Kefar offers several different online classes for both children and adults; and can help anyone learn about our forgotten language.

Morah Sheli Village — A home school that offers online courses on the Hebrew language and Hebrew culture for children and adults. Sheli Village also offers homeschooling materials and resources for parents seeking to teach their children their true culture.


The Scriptures — a literal translation of the Bible from Hebrew to English. It differs significantly from the common English translations because it has restored the original book order of the Hebrew Scriptures as well as the name of The Most High, The Messiah, and all of the prophets and apostles. This translation also replaces pagan words that are in most of the bibles today with their accurate Hebrew words.

Holy Bible: From Ancient Eastern Aramaic Text — This Aramaic (Hebrew) bible provides you with perhaps the most accurate English translation of the New Testament to date. Contrary to popular belief, the writers of the New Testament spoke and wrote in Hebrew and Aramaic – not Greek. And this version of the bible restores the original writings of the NT by translating them directly from their Hebrew/Aramaic into English.

The Cepher — The Cepher, which means “book” in Hebrew, is hands down the best collection of the ancient scriptures available to date. This book consists of 87 books, including the book of Jasher, Jubilees, Enoch, and the 14 apocrypha books. It also restores the true names of the father, the Messiah, and the rest of our Hebrew ancestors.

The Dead Sea Scrolls — these are a collection of over 800 different writings from our ancestors during the timeframe of 400-300 BC, which is only about 300 years before Yahusha was born. These ancient writings consist of many non-published writings that the Israelites wrote about during their day. Although the majority of these writing are not scripture, they all relate to scripture in their sayings and give us a greater understanding of the original thought and culture of our ancestors during that day, which helps us better understand our faith.

Bible Study Tools:

Blue Letter Bible — A bible app that you can download on your cell phone or tablet. The difference between this bible app other bible apps, is that it has a built-in concordance inside it, that allows you to look up the original Hebrew and Greek words and definitions as you are reading the bible.

E-Sword A bible study software that you can download on your laptop, computer or tablet. It’s an all-in-one study tool that provides you with almost every resource you could possibly need to study the bible; including built-in dictionaries, multiple bible versions, word look ups, and much more.

The Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew — This Hebrew dictionary defines the Hebrew words that the bible was translated from as well as the root words where the Hebrew words derived from. This dictionary is one of the best Hebrew dictionaries on the market and will truly help you learn and understand the bible better.

The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible — The Lexicon is a Hebrew dictionary that defines each Hebrew word of the bible within it’s original Ancient Hebrew cultural meaning. This lexicon will not only help you learn the Hebrew language but will clear out the confusion of many scriptures and give you a true understanding of what is actually being said in the text.

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