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Here are my top recommendations for books, documentaries, bibles and study tools that will help aid you on your journey for truth.


From Babylon to Timbuktu: A History of the Ancient Black Races Including the Black HebrewsFrom Babylon to Timbuktu is by far one of the greatest books ever written on black history. Backed by tons of facts from ancient scholars and manuscripts, Dr. Windsor uncovers the truth about both where ingeniousness black people come from and where we, the so-called African Americans migrated from. He also traces the many kingdoms black people started all over the world before the Europeans rose to power in the 15th century.

Black Origins of Ancient Rome & Black Roman Emperors — Written by renowned historian Gert Muller, this book exposed the myth of the ancient Romans being white and proves that they were Africans. Backed up by tons of ancient pictures, sculptures, and documents; this book proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the original Romans were black Africans (hammites). Although we do not descend from the biblical Hammites, it’s important to know who the first Romans were so that we can read the New Testament with a mental picture of everyone being black.

Before The Covenants: Tracing Abraham The Hebrew To The Temple At Ezi Kanabo — Written by historian Eugene Akannam, this book reveals the Hebrew roots of Abraham before migrating to Israel, being of West African descent. What sets this author’s research apart from others is that He was orally passed down the language, culture, and history of the Hebrews by His father who was a Levite Priest; which gives him the ability to accurately trace the linage of the Abraham and the ancient Hebrews. Furthermore, this book also reveals that all of the biblical characters and ancient civilizations were black.


Hebrew or The So-Called NegroHebrew or the So-Called Negro is the first documentary ever produced that reveals to the public how we as a people went from Hebrews to Negroes. Produced by the late Yahya Bandele, this DVD presents hardcore facts and visual images that proves undoubtedly that we are the people of the book. Although there have been many documentaries in recent years that reveal this same information; this is the one that woke me up years ago and I recommend it to all.

Black Church, Inc: Prophets For Profit — Produced by Moguldom Studios, Black Church Inc provides an inside look into modern black churches and shows how corrupt, house negro pastors are exploiting the gospel of Yahusha (Jesus) for riches and fame. The film focuses on modern mega-churches and asks hard-hitting questions about service vs. the extravagant lifestyles of its multi-million dollar ministers and ministries. Through interviews with clergy members, politicians, community leaders and journalists, this documentary reveals how preachers are the only benefactors of the millions of tax-free revenue generated by their churches.

Whited Out 3: Strong Delusion — Produced by Watchman Reports Ministries, Whited Out 3 exposes the truth about Christianity and the pagan roots of where it sprung. Elder Watchman Yahu and his wife Deborah Yah reveal how White historians purposely hid the truth about who the people of the book were in order to deceive the masses to believing lies so they could oppress us through religion. This documentary also exposes the origin of The Roman Catholic Church and all the wickedness they have done throughout history to control the world.


The Holy Bible: 1611 KJV Edition — The 1611 bible is a reprint of the original King James Version of the bible, which included the 14 missing apocrypha books in between the old and new testaments. Although written in old English and may be hard to understand, it provides great notes to each chapter, helping you to connect the dots between the old and new in a way that modern bibles don’t.

The ScripturesThe Scriptures is a literal translation of the Bible in English. But this translation differs significantly from the common English translations in that it has restored the original book order of the Hebrew Scriptures and restored the name of The Most High, The Messiah, and all of the prophets and apostles. This translation also replaces pagan words that are in most of the bibles today with their accurate words.

The Cepher — The Cepher, which means “book” in Hebrew, is hands down the best collection of the ancient scriptures available to date. This book consists of 87 books, including the book of Jasher, Jubilees, Enoch, and the 14 apocrypha books. It also restores the true names of the father, the Messiah, and the rest of our Hebrew ancestors.

The Apocrypha (Including Ethiopic Scriptures) — The Apocrypha, is a set of ancient books that were removed from the scriptures during the invention of Christianity. Unlike other apocrypha books, this set is the most complete; including books from both the Old & New Testament.

Aramaic English New Testament — The Aramaic (Hebrew) New Testament bible is the best translation of the New Testament into the English language to date. Contrary to popular belief, the writers of the New Testament spoke and wrote in Hebrew and Aramaic – not Greek. And this version of the NT restores their original writings by translating them directly from their Hebrew/Aramaic into English.


The Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew — This Hebrew dictionary defines the Hebrew words that the bible was translated from as well as the root words where the Hebrew words derived from. This dictionary is one of the best Hebrew dictionaries on the market and will truly help you learn and understand the bible better.

The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible — The Lexicon is a Hebrew dictionary that defines each Hebrew word of the bible within it’s original Ancient Hebrew cultural meaning. This lexicon will not only help you learn the Hebrew language but will clear out the confusion of many scriptures and give you a true understanding of what is actually being said in the text.