Still Slaves: Analyzing The NegroPean Psyche of Black America

“I freed a thousand slaves. If I could have convinced more slaves that they were slaves, I could have freed a thousand more.” – Harriet Tubman

One of the most disheartening challenges that I’m faced with every time I get the opportunity to speak with the average brother or sister today, is the disturbing reality that the vast majority of Black America have absolutely no idea that they are still slaves. Not slaves in the sense of the physical yokes of bondage that we were subjugated under during the years of 1501-1890, but the type of slavery that makes your “world view” the exact same as the group of people who have oppressed you for the last 500 years.

For instance, every time me and my wife go somewhere such as the mall, a restaurant, a grocery store, or the park with the kids; I often find myself in conversations with a brother who looks like me (in skin color) but thinks like a European. To help paint you a picture of what I’m talking about, let me tell you a quick story about a recent conversation I had with a brother at the mall.

Me and my wife were recently at the mall letting our children play in the play area with the other lil ones there, when this older guy in his 50’s approached me and wanted to have a friendly conversation. I welcomed him to our area and we soon got to talking about The Most High, life and the struggle of Black America. The convo was going very well and just when I thought that maybe this elder might be a conscious individual; all of a sudden he proved me wrong. About 30 minutes into our conversation, a young guy (maybe 18-20 years old) with his hair locks (dread locks) walks by us to get to a clothing store and the elder’s facial expression immediately changed from friendly to angry. Matching his facial expression was his conversation; as he immediately began ripping the young man (who he had never met) apart.

He started calling him names, stating that his hair’s nappy, saying that he was dressed (jeans and a t-shirt) like a thug, and saying that he would never let his daughters date a boy whose hair looks like that. He even said that he would rather his daughter date a white boy then to date a black boy with dread locks. I was so sad and disgusted with his comments I no longer wanted to talk with him but out of respect for my elders, I allowed him to continue expressing himself. Then I told him that I disagreed with his comments and that I felt that inter-racial dating is the same as homosexuality because it destroys the (Hebrew) black family unit. Surprised by my wisdom and ability to articulate myself better than the stereotypical black men that he’s been around, He allowed my statements to marinate long enough to see that what I said was true; and then proceeded to change the subject.

What amazed me about this particular conversation was that the elder himself had (what white people and brainwashed black people call black people’s hair with kinks) nappy hair. I usually only hear (brainwashed) black people with straight or curly hair call black people with kinky hair, nappy; so it shocked me to see a black man with (kinky) nappy hair call another black man’s hair nappy (kinky). Reason being, is because his mindset was the typical mindset of how white people have always viewed black people; especially our black women.

Back in the physical slavery era, black women were encouraged to straighten their hair to appear as beautiful like the straight-haired women who stayed in massa’s house. Today in the mental slavery era, black women are encouraged to straighten their hair to get jobs in the media, film, fashion and politics in massa’s corporate plantation. Kinky hair is shunned so badly in White America today that black women who choose to wear their natural hair can be fired from their jobs. This is also the case for black men, as there have been many cases of young black males being punished or even kicked out of school for simply wearing dread locks.

The dominant society has always viewed black people’s natural hair as inferior and unacceptable. So when the elder looked at the young black man’s kinky hair and called it nappy and ugly; he was looking through the eyes of our oppressors. Therefore, that makes him – and the masses of Black America who share his worldview – a NegroPean.

The Mindset Of NegroPeans

Mental slavery is the worst form of slavery. It gives you the illusion of freedom, makes you trust love and defend your oppressor while making and enemy of those who are trying to free you or open your eyes.” – Unknown

Although we are now over 100 years removed from our physical enslavement, the majority of us black folk living in America today are still enslaved to our oppressors. This never-ending slavery is the slavery of the mind. Because we are so happily integrated into this European society called America, we have been brainwashed into thinking just like our oppressors. Through their school systems, higher learning institutions, organized religions, and widespread media outlets; they have shaped our minds to value the same things they value and to despise what they despise.

This is why the majority of the customs and traditions that we consider to be sacred to us today have European origin (their culture). For instance, almost every black household in America celebrates the holiday Christmas in honor of a white gay-looking man named Jesus. Although this holiday is rooted in paganism and has no connection to the bible or the Messiah at all; because it’s sacred to our oppressors, it’s sacred to us. The same goes for Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve celebrations. They are all pagan holidays that the Europeans celebrated and passed down to us; and because our oppressors value them as sacred traditions, so do we.

However, the negropean mindset does not just appear during the holidays, it shows up in almost all of our thinking patterns. For instance, if you were to ask the average black person when the new year starts, they will tell you on January 1st. Although The Most High specifically stated in the scriptures that the new year starts in the month of Abib (between the end of March and beginning of April) when the sun comes back out and the earth starts to replenish itself – not in the winter when all agriculture is dead and nothing is growing – they will still tell you that January 1st is when a new year begins. Why? Because they’ve been fed these lies throughout their entire life from both European institutions and their negropean parents and relatives.

Another great example of the negropean mindset can be seen in our goals and what we desire to become. Have you ever noticed that we as a people are always trying to be the first black person to do what white people have already done? Think about it. When you take a look at many of black men and women of the last 100 years that White America esteems as successful, many of them have that “first black man or first black woman to do this” behind their name.

For example, President Barack Obama is known as the first black president. John Chavis was known as the first black college graduate. Rubby Bridges is known for being the first black person to integrate into white schools. Hattie McDaniel was known as the first black Oscar winner. Ella Fitzgerald is known for being the first black woman to win a Grammy. Earl Lloyd becomes the first black player in the NBA. Jackie Robinson is known as being the first black man in the 20th century to play in the MLB. Tiger Woods known as the first black golf champion. Serena Williams is known for being the first black woman to win the U.S. open since Althea Gibson in the 50’s. Tyra Banks is known for being the first black woman on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. Beyoncé is known for being the first black to win ASCAP songwriting award. Michael Jackson was known for being the first black singer to get featured on MTV. And the list goes on and on.

Do you see how all of the people above that we as black folk esteem so highly today, are all known for being the first black people to do what white people have already done? I don’t say this to belittle any of our people’s accomplishments but if you take a deeper look into this mindset, you will see that it is truly a case of mental illness. When we desire to accomplish the same goals that Europeans have already accomplished and esteem those who do accomplish it; that means our idea of success is based upon whatever Europeans have done. As a result, this prevents us from using our talents and abilities to do what The Most High created us to do; to instead go after the things of the world that our oppressors view as success.

And by default, we are teaching our children to adopt these same beliefs; which re-births an entire generation of negropeans.

The Mis-Education of Black America

“When you control a man’s thinking, you do not have to worry about his actions.” Dr. Carter G. Woodson

Since the 1500’s, when we started arriving here on slave ships, our minds have been systematically programmed to think European. Upon their arrival to the Americas, our ancestors were stripped of their Hebrew names, their Hebrew customs, and their Hebrew faith; and were given the European names, customs and faith. Then they were taught by their masters that in order to be accepted in society that they would have to look, talk, and act white. While there were always a few groups on every plantation that chose NOT to accept the white man’s way of life and to stay true to their culture and faith; the majority of our ancestors accepted their slavemasters way of life.

The few slaves who chose not to accept the European way of life, were either beaten to death, sold to another plantation, or they found a way to escape and be free. The rest of the slaves who chose to conform to their master’s way of life; became Christians, learned the English language, started dressing and acting like Europeans (in front of their masters) and remained slaves. Fast forward to our present day, we have the same thing going on. Today, there are small groups of us in many areas across the U.S. that are abandoning our slavemaster’s religion of Christianity and the European way of life to re-learn our ancient Hebraic faith, language, culture, skilled-trades and be free. Then you have the majority of our people who are so happy with being Christians, practicing European traditions, working for our oppressors, and being accepted in the dominant society that they remain slaves.

Just as our ancestors did in the days of old, we are doing today: the majority chooses slavery and the few chooses freedom. But why is that? Why doesn’t everyone want to be free? I mean anyone with a little bit of common sense knows that the majority is always wrong. The bible teaches us that, history teaches us that, and life itself teaches us that. Yet, the majority of our people have always chosen to follow our oppressors and remain enslaved. Well, I submit to you that the reason for this is because most of our people are so mis-educated that they equate slavery with being out-casted and freedom with conformity.

What I mean by that is, many of our people view things like climbing the ladder of Corporate America, getting elected as a government official, getting drafted by an white-owned professional sports team or being signed to a whited-owned record label, as a chance to become free from being outcasted and looked down upon by the dominant society. Since many of us view being accepting by whites as a prize; getting a job for a prestigious white-owned establishment is considered success and freedom in our eyes. The evidence of this can clearly be seen in the comments of black folks who get awarded these goals, and say things like “I’ve made it”. When they say that they have “made it”, they are insinuating that they are no longer slaves (outcasted) because they have been accepted into the dominant society.

This type of thinking is clearly a case of Negropeanism. Think about it. How can being granted access into the same institution or system of the people that is oppressing you, give you freedom? This actually would make you more of a slave, because now you will have to abide by their rules or you will be kicked out of your position. This means that even if you wanted to speak up publicly for your people to try to bring change for us, you couldn’t; which would make you nothing more than a high-paid (maybe even rich) slave. But unfortunately, the majority of our people are unable to see it like this. They are so mis-educated that they think integrating into the same system that is oppressing you is going to free them.

The question is where is this mis-education coming from? Meaning, what is the root cause of it? Many will say that it’s White America, but I believe we (parents and elders) are the ones propelling our mis-education. Although America’s religion, school, and mainstream media have played a huge part in programming our minds; it’s our lusts (desires) to have the things that our oppressors have, that allows them to mis-educate us. If we did not desire so badly to have the materialistic things that the European’s culture esteems after, then we would not allow them to teach us (Proverbs 3:31). This means that we wouldn’t attend their schools, churches, organizations or participate in their holidays and traditions; and revert back to teaching our own like we did back in the days. But because we are so attracted to their culture, we willingly allow them to teach and train us; which is why so many of us are NegroPeans today.

Free Your Mind From Europeanisms

“Do not conform to the ways of the world. Instead be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”– Shaul (Paul)

If you have made it to this point in the article and find yourself in the category of the negropean, please know that my intent is not to diss you; it’s to enlighten you. I’m in no position to diss anyone because I was once a negropean myself years ago (lol). Otherwise, I would not be able to spot this mindset out when I see it in others. So please know that this article is in no way intended at attacking you. I just have to tell you the uncut truth in order to help you break free from this enslaved mindset.

Now that you are aware of the negropean that dwells within many of us, you can now began to change your way of thinking. The first part of our minds that needs to be dealt with is our love for European culture. As I previously mentioned, it is our love for the European’s culture that keeps us chasing after their success’s rather than striving to create our own. But the reason we love their culture so much is because we don’t know our own. Since our ancestors lost their culture during the days of physical slavery, the average black person in America today does not know his or her original Hebrew culture. Most of us didn’t even know we had a culture. So learning our original culture is the first step we should take in decolonizing our minds from European culture.

In the process of learning our Hebrew roots, we will learn about who our Alahym (God) is and that He looks like us; which will inspire us to seek after Him and learn His torah (instructions). In seeking after the Father, we will began to learn our Hebrew culture, as well as our Hebrew history. Then we will learn why He allowed us to be enslaved and shipped over here to the Americas. After we learn what caused our demise, we will then know what we must do (repent and be grafted back into the covenant) to get back in right standing with him so we can regain His power. From there, we will be so invested in seeking after The Most High and practicing our own culture; that we will have lost all desires for European’s culture.

This is actually what is happening all over America today. Although the majority of our people are still asleep, there is a vastly growing minority of us who are waking up to our true identity and abandoning Europeanisms to relearn our own culture. And those of us who are returning back to our roots are making more progress in our personal lives than ever before. Why? Because when you learn about your own Alahym (God), your own faith, your own culture, and your own customs – you no longer desire to have what your oppressors have.

It is what we lost that is the cause of us seeking after what others have. So we need to relearn what was stolen from us in order to lose the chains of enslavement that the European culture has on our minds. Therefore, those of us who know who we are, must teach it to those who don’t. It’s the elders and the parent’s job to raise up the youth in the way that he should go. And if we do not do that, then our people will continue to be negropeans and remain slaves. Decolonizing the mind takes a group effort and we all are responsible for playing a part. Shalom!

Mauryahu Katab

I'm a historian, journalist, and book reviewer dedicated to liberating the minds of my people from falsehoods. I'm also the author of the book series, Wake Up To Your True Identity.

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