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The Village of Peace: The African Americans Who Reclaimed Their Hebrew Heritage

the village of peace

Earlier today, me and my wife watched a documentary, titled The Village of Peace. It was about the African Americans that left America during the late 1960’s to return back to our homeland of Israel. I had first heard about this story years ago when I first discovered that we were the true Hebrews of the bible, but I had never did any in-depth research as to the ins and outs of their testimony. I saw a few videos done about them here and there on Youtube, but most of what I heard about this group back then was very negative so it turned me off from looking into it any deeper.

It was until I decided to become a vegetarian at the end of last year that re-sparked my interest in learning more about our brothers and sisters who relocated back to Israel. During my research into eating healthier and natural foods, I came across some research on the African Hebrews in Israel that concluded they were possibly the healthiest black people on earth. After hearing that, I started doing more research on them and speaking with other Hebrews that were acquainted with them and I discovered that it was true — they are vegans and are possibly the healthiest black people on Earth (lol). So ever since then, I have been interested in what’s happening with our distant relatives over in Israel; which brings me to their documentary.

The Village of Peace first premiered in 2014 but I didn’t hear about it until this year. Although I’m late, I’m sure that most of you haven’t even heard about this documentary at all because it was independently produced and didn’t received the type of national media coverage as Hollywood documentaries do. Nonetheless, this documentary was very enlightening and gave me a true glimpse of the Hebrew culture in action, as it would had been over two thousands of years ago, when we were still in the land. So without further adu, here are a few things I learned and loved about The Village of Peace.

The Courage It Took To Leave Babylon

In 1967, at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, a small community of African Americans living in Chicago began to discover their true identity as African Hebrews and decided to escape the racial oppression they were facing here in America — and migrate to the land of Israel. Although (brain-washed negroes) everyone they knew thought they were crazy and shunned them for wanting freedom, they stood on faith and left all they knew (family, friends, jobs, homes, ect.) to be free from America’s oppression and worldly living.

Led by their spiritual teacher, Ben Ammi, these awakened Hebrews sold everything they had and left America to head East. Approximately 300 people made the original migration but there are over 5,000 African-Hebrew Israelites living in Israel today.

Their Resilience In The Wilderness

After leaving America, they first settled in Liberia, the place where all slaves and decedents of slaves migrated to once they became free. The reason they chose to go here first before going to Israel, was because they wanted to remove all of the worldly lust and sinful habits that they had picked up while living in America. They considered Liberia, a wilderness period for them to get their hearts and minds right before entering back into the land; much like how the father sent the Israelites in the wilderness to get the worldliness and pagan customs of Egypt out of their system before reaching the Promised Land.

They slept in tents, lived very simple lives, learned their Hebrew culture and just prepared themselves mentally and spiritually to make the trip to Israel. Many were left behind and chose not to move forward, because of sin or not being able to handle the wilderness lifestyle, but the ones that endured eventually made it back home.

The Faith to Build A Israelite Community From Scratch

Instead of going back to the true holy land of Jerusalem, where we were exiled from in 70 A.D., the African hebrews chose to settle in Dimona. Dimona is a small town in Israel located in the Negev desert about 3 hours south of Jerusalem. The reason they chose to live in a desert town like Dimona was because it had free land available, with a housing community and other vacant areas that was already there, that just needed some work to be livable.

They wanted a place they could call home forever, so they asked the city mayor of the city to rebuild the community in exchange to live their for free and he agreed. From there, each family got together to rebuild each home on the land and grow a garden in the yard, so that everyone would have a place to call their own. Eventually, they went on to build food markets, schools, stores and eventually formed a flourishing community.

The Family Comradery of The Village

The success of the village stems from the love that everyone has for each other. Everyone in the village works with each other to get their mission accomplished. They farm together, work together, raise families together, send their children to school together, pray together, worship together, dance together and have family events together.

The comradery of the people reminded me of how the apostles lived in the book of Acts, sharing all that they had with each other so that everyone could prosper. Of course they had disagreements and faced hardships as we all do, but the love that they have for one another and the father allows them to overcome any circumstance. I guess that’s why it’s called the Village of Peace.

The Diet & Discipline of The People

Another key ingredient to the success of the community was the strong discipline that they had. Each household was ran as it should be, with the man as the head of the home, the women as his help-meet, and the children as the helpers of the parents. And each household lived by the Torah — the laws and commandments of Yah — which enabled the community to grow and function as one mindset. In regards to diet and nutrition, the community practiced the Genesis 1:29 diet, meaning they ate no meat, no diary, and no un-naturally grown foods.

They also had their own set of dietary laws that they community had to live by. For instance, everyone in the village could only eat foods with salt 3 times a week and they had to eat live uncooked foods twice a week. On top of that, everyone in the community, both young and old were required to work out at least 3 days per week. And in their 25 plus year stay in Dimona, no one has ever had any of the health problems — such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, etc. — that we have here in America.

In Conclusion:

The Village of Peace is a great documentary about our brother and sisters who left America for the Promised Land. Told from the mouth of the founding elders of the community, it gives you a first-hand account of what life was like for them back then and what it’s like for them now. It also shows us how the Hebrew Culture works and how peaceful life could be for us if we would forsake the European culture we have been born into and reclaim the culture we lost.

Although I myself would not want to move back to the land until The Most High calls us back, I have a tremendous amount of respect for what our brothers and sisters have done over there in Dimona, Israel. And you never know… maybe they will be the ones that The Most High uses to make a way for us to get back home when Yahusha (Jesus) returns. Regardless, The Village of Peace is enlightening documentary and I think everyone should check it out.


Maurice Lindsay

I'm a historian, journalist, and book reviewer dedicating to liberating the minds of my people from falsehoods. I'm also the author of the book series, Wake Up To Your True Identity.

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